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Scary Gengar

My first Pokemon fan art XD. With a little bit of my style, of course. I know that Gengar has red eyes, but well... in this pic, blue fits better in my opinion. Anyway, I hope you like it!!

Get the wall print here:…

The rest of evolutions are here:

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seems like another art thief passed by here
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Thanks! There's little I can do about it though...
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This is Mania*? She's creepy

* - my Gengar in pokemon prism
my new tattoo, getting the other two added in about a month.…
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Looks awesome!!
I am going to use this to place as a background in discord, seeing that the last comment was a year ago I take you aren't going to answer so I am going to say that you approved, Thanks love your art by the way
Hi Dragolisco,

I posted your Gastly, Haunter and Gengar art on a site called 9Gag. People love your art, it currently has 9431 upvotes! If you want to scroll through the comments, open this link All the comments are really positive! I hope you dont mind it that i posted it without asking you 
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Hello! Thanks for sharing my artwork! I appreciate it a lot! It doesn't bother me if you post it without asking, but honestly I prefer to be notified before you post it. Anyway, thanks!
I will next time :) Sorry for that.
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His my favorite pokemon
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That's so COOL!!!!!
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It still has a cuteness to it.
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