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Mighty Charizard

Here it is, at last! Charizard the drag... I mean, charizard the fire/flying pokemon. 

Because that's a curse Charizard has been dragging for over 15 years. Now it's fixed with the new Mega Charizard X, but all those years just being a non dragon creature... it's a madness. It's like... yeah, indeed it's like Peter Jackson's Smaug! Almost, almost a dragon!! (if he had only had 2 arms instead of just legs and wings like a wyvern...). I think Charizard and Smaug can get along well, they are similar somehow. Oh btw... who would win in a battle between these two powerful "pseudo-dragons"? Tolkien vs Satoshi Tajiri, round 1, fight!!
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Thank you for making this real
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Oh wow, you are welcome! :D
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You know in the first Hobbit movie Smaug have 6 limbs.
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And it was some kind of monstruous cat, yes XD
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No I mean in the first movie of Peter Jackson not in the 1977 adaptation. I know he looks like a fox or weird winged cat in this movie, even he have a sexy voice. In A Unexpected Journey Smaug have different colour, proportions and anatomy. Peter change the design because he's more easy for Benedict Cumberbatch to play, a 4 limbs character.
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Umm I have to see it, there are not many scenes where Smaug appears in the first movie, and he appeared always surrounded by fire.
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I know but when I enter in the castle and walk and crush the dwarfs we see he have 6 limbs and even we see his paws in the door, before he enter she have different appearance and same with his body, his scales are more black, and his proportions too, the muzzle was different too.……
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Yea, this is how the realistic flying lizard

Charizard is fat and lame...
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damnnnn dope!!!
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That's fu**ing awesome! o.o
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Lemme guess, purple is your favorite color? XD
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Wow! I'm so amazed by your work. Love the colors and detail.
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. . . . ºoº WOW
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It's amazing! I absolutely love the colouring! splashes of blues and pinks n stuff. Really beautiful!

But what if he really needs to pee D: !?

(I don't know why I'm so concerned...It's late and i just finished my evening shift at work...)
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