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Grim Haunter



Oook, here it comes the remaining evolution of our favourite ghosts!. Maybe I'll do a mega Gengar some time hehe. I spent more time on this one (seriously, I can't understand why do you like the gastly I did that much, it's just a smiling black spot with smoke around, nothing else!).

Here you have the others:

EDITED Jan 16 2017: Because of a copyright infringement case on this artwork, I've been forced to reduce the quality of this picture to avoid future incidences. I hope you guys understand. 

Get the wall print here:…

I hope you like them all!
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Wow- You drew this at 2013..? So talent is universal, huh and is across the time

Anyways, Haunter is one of my favourite gen 1 pokemon, you did a perfect job at drawing it.