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Grim Haunter

Oook, here it comes the remaining evolution of our favourite ghosts!. Maybe I'll do a mega Gengar some time hehe. I spent more time on this one (seriously, I can't understand why do you like the gastly I did that much, it's just a smiling black spot with smoke around, nothing else!).

Here you have the others:

EDITED Jan 16 2017: Because of a copyright infringement case on this artwork, I've been forced to reduce the quality of this picture to avoid future incidences. I hope you guys understand. 

Get the wall print here:…

I hope you like them all!
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I have this as a mousepad that I purchased off a site a few years ago. It didn't occur to me at the time that it was most likely stolen artwork and I feel terrible about it now. I just saw this on my facebook feed today from a Pokemon group, and luckily it was the original with your signature on it so I was able to trace it back here. I absolutely love the artwork and I hope you don't run into copyright/theft issues in the future.

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Sorry for the late reply! Thank you very much! Yeah, this picture has gone through a lot of issues about that :p

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That's the most bada$$ haunter I've ever seen
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Really nice work
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Hey, uhhhh, can I use this as my background? Definitely won't use for comercial purposes and if anyone asks I'll direct them to you
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Sorry for the super late reply. Yes, go ahead :)
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I just saw this

Pretty sure they stole your work.
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omg, your right thats so fking scummy
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Yep, there's not much I can do about it. Thank you anyway!
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yea I just saw it too
I linked this page in the comments
technically you could sue them for it
(heres the place if you want to throw a complaint ://)
Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 11.49.32 AM 
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Yeah no, there absolutely is something you can do about it. Facebook reporting form for unauthorized use of your work:…

Stolen Art Ad:…
Love this! Mind if I use this as my Facebook cover photo? Ill give you credit of course! Amazing art, and would love to see more!
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If it's for that, do it, no problem! :D
Hi, I understand why you don't sell your art online, but could blockchain be an alternative? 
Which conventions do you go to and when? Your work is awesome :)
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That's scary awesome
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I have make a Pkm Card with your Picture, here the Link:
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Awesome and creepy at the same time
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