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     Wright was born in a small countryside village, his family was simple, his friends were simple, his city was simple. Wright was also simple, he lived in a simple house with his siblings, mother and father. Sadly, his mother had nothing worth of note, she did her share on the survival tasks, taking care of the home, the kids and of the finance. She did her best.
    The father also had nothing special. He worked the field and traveled to buy things that were in need. He used to cut wood and stock it for the winter. He butchered the animals whenever needed. But on a second glance, he actually had something… Whenever he relaxed, you could see something on his deep thoughts… He was fearful… At any tension you could see him looking at the forest side, just to check. Of what did he fear, you might think? He feared tales, prophecies and the past. Those never came to trouble him again, so this point will not be pressed further on. One thing was sure: he was fearful for him, for his family and for his village.
    Wright had 4 siblings, one older brother and sister and one younger brother and sister. Wright never thought much about his relation with them: it was natural. They teased each other, took care of one another and divided their tasks. And they played. Whenever one was in trouble, the others were there to help, they were united, friendly and happy. There was nothing more to ponder.
    The days passed and Wright grew, his face became sharper, his eyes stronger, his body fitter. His mind matured but it never reached a level that one could look and value. He had decided to become a hunter, first of his family. He learnt the way of the bow, the way of the track and his instincts became sharper. But with that he came to realize things he had never noticed before. Whenever he walked the woods he always felt uncomfortable… He knew something was watching him. He knew he had to be careful.
    Curious about what lied in the woods, the not-so-boy asked other people and stumbled in stories. Stories of evil elves that lived in the woods and that brought disaster. Stories about blue haired people that made creatures wake and raid the humans. Stories of people tricked in the forest and forever lost. Wright did not like those stories. But he did not give up on his life as hunter.
    And then, from times to times, whenever he found himself in tension, he checked the woods, just like his father. Each time he stepped in the woods he tensed. And this tension was always growing. Whenever he heard a sound he would face it with the bow aiming, ready to defend himself. And all for nothing, for nothing came. Until the day he went to it.

    It was late but Wright decided to hunt anyway, even if he became tense while in the woods, he felt at home there. And that day he was more stressed than usual, he just had a fight with his older sister over some housework.
    Immersed in his own thoughts he wandered the woods, not even thinking about the hunt and forgetting for the first time of the beings that he always felt in the woods. He walked and walked until he realised night had fallen. At night the woods became scarier, it becomes easier to get lost. At night the woods became more dangerous… And Wright found himself lost for the first time. Hopelessly he wandered, trying to find a hint, a light, anything that could get him home. Until he found it.
    Further in the wood, he saw a reddish light from a flame. Thinking he had finally came closer to his village, he went alleviated towards it. And then Wright froze. Simple minded as he was he could not have digested the information. The moment he realised he was deep in the woods and this could not be normal, he thought of Blue elves and their evildoing. And so he saw what he wanted. Wright found the flames of a campfire. There was one lone girl, blue haired and joyful, bright and smiling, beautiful and lovely. Her flame was greater than that of the fire on her side. She was in a state of transe, in some ritual that Wright could not understand. Wright froze, his mind triggering thoughts: “Is this a blue elf?” “What is she doing?”“How can she be evil, with such bright expression and wonderful smile?” “I wish to join her, but what if I scare her?”. His mind swirled in thoughts.
    Wright decided to stay there action-less, just watching, enjoying the magic. A few minutes passed before the charming girl noticed him standing there and stopped her dance. At first there was surprise on her, and Wright froze even more. But then a great warmth filled him as the flame of her smile reached him. And he moved towards her, joining her around the fire. His mind left all thoughts behind. There Wirght spent his night: joyful, happy and warm. No word was spoken that night, but the passion burned high.
    Wright woke up with the morning light and he found himself naked and alone near the dim fire. His heart was filled with the joy from last night but swollen in pain from her disappearance. He looked around for her but found nothing. He waited for hours expecting her to show. And then he cried, for he knew it had ended. For he felt that this was an once in a lifetime thing. Broken, he wandered the woods until he found his path home. Wright felt empty, lacking something.

    As the days passed Wright slowly came back to what he used to be, he soon found joy again and continued his simple life. But whenever he saw the woods he felt a little empty. Whenever he went hunting he always walked farther and stayed longer, in hope of finding what he no longer had. And each time he walked back, disappointed.
The flame had left him.

    Wright continued living but he could not find true happiness anywhere. His life changed a bit, his brother left home and joined a caravan, wanting to explore the world. His younger sister started working outside home, his father was growing old.
    Months passed until something else happened. It was a rainy night and Wright and his family were eating when someone knocked at the door. Surprised everyone wondered who could it be and Wright took the task of seeing who it was. He arrived at the door and opened it. On the other side there was a huge man standing. He was over 2 meters tall, strong and was drenched to the bone. He looked at Wright with a smile and asked if he could stay just for this night, to shelter himself from the heavy rain. Wright looked back and saw all his family looking, agreeing with the man’s stay. The man ate with the family and slept under their roof.
    In the middle of the night Wright was woken by the stranger. He slowly woke and looked at the man and saw his red burning eyes. The stranger was holding his younger sister strongly, with a knife near her throat. The man said: “I came to get you, you have the power to do what we want. Come with me”. The man raised and waited. Wright was half asleep. The situation was unreal and unexpected. Wright reacted slowly. He felt even more otherworldly when he saw the blood flow from his sister’s gorge.”Took too long boy. Follow me now or the rest of your family will soon join her”. There was something to the man’s tone. Wright acted fast, even if he did not know if the man could really kill his family, he could not risk it. He was shocked, uneasy. He could feel something wrong in the air. He did not know what to do. Wright was used to deaths, he hunted and knew it was always fast, easy and brutal. But he had never seen a human die. And the first death he had seen in his life was his sister’s. Her life had slipped away in a split of a second, easily, fast, brutally. Wright rose and followed the man, postponing his emotions and thoughts. He traveled in the night, walking a path that would lead him to hell.
So... This is the first piece of Wright's story.

    Wright is a character I am currently roleplaying in a table of RPG. He is a young man barely past 18 that has a troubled past and an unique emptiness. He roams the world without a true purpose, seeking any demon or any source of power that he can absorb. Yes, absorb... He has the unique ability to take innate abilities from things he has devoured the soul or the heart. For example he has already taken in a soul of a drow, allowing him to activate dark vision or a few other innate drow magic. This has a few limitations made by the GM that are not worthy of note. Wright is very charismatic and has a simple peasant look (He dresses and acts that way), he is easily manipulated and has a thousand abilities.

Any feedback, ideas or suggestions are welcomed
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Submitted on
May 31, 2016