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    Argin stepped closer to the great door in the end of the corridor. He was anxious, it was the first time he would meet Master Vir Inel. He heard he was a disturbing man, always knowing what you were about to do, always a step ahead. And if that wasn’t enough, he had terrible powers… Everyone knew of the episode where he publicly controlled the Grand Meister and made him give away everything he had of worth. There were stories of when Alter simply used a house as artillery power … Only with his powerful telekinesis. Argin had already heard that if you take too many missteps with Inel Rimeron Alter, he ends up unleashing it all at you, with no hesitation or feelings behind the act.

    "You can come in". Argin clearly heard from the other side of the door. His thinking came to a halt, a bit scared that the man inside knew of his presence or even worse … That he knew his door would open in a few seconds.

    Argin opened the door and sighted the room. It was not as big as you would expect of someone of Vir Inel’s level. But every corner of it had something: A chair, a bookshelf, a pile of book, a chest, a mannequin ... In the middle of it all there was a desk with a handful of papers and items laying around, Master Inel was sitting on the other side, with an annoyed face, almost as if irritated. Argin walked in silence towards a chair in front of the desk. In his way, his eyes were captured by the chair just near the door. It had a handful of locking devices to trap someone that was sitting on it. It was scary and Argin could not even begin to think of what it was really used for. On the side of the chair, there was a fancy bookshelf with a handful of books. One could easily figure that any of those books were worth more than any house in the city.

    Argin was snatched away from his appraisal with the inquiring tone of Rimeron Alter: "What do you seek here, Argin, son of Guirm?". It was the first time they had ever met. Argin was surprised anyone except his tutor knew his name… He was just a delivery boy. And that man knew even his father’s name …

    "I am here to deliver this message to you, Master Vir Inel Rimeron Alter" - Argin said, with all the calm he could gather.
    Master Inel’s reaction was slow, calm and controlled. He took the letter and was about to open it. Argin was about to go back to his analysis when he was taken back to reality by the next question.
    "And do you have anything else you need?" Vir Inel’s green eyes glared at the intruder, demanding him to leave if he had no other business.

    Argin apologised for his stay and left the room hurried. When he was a few meters away from the closed door, he sighed. He wished he didn’t need to pass by all this. And so did Master Inel, for he had just received a bothersome task: he was to take hold of a beholder on a distant underground cave. The creature was to be taken back alive, for further study of it’s biology by the other Masters.

    Of course, this would have been a child play to Inel, something that he could even dare not to do and make they find someone else for the task. But Master Alter was not on his greatest days. And he knew this was some kind of test from the other Masters… He had to do it flawlessly. He would pass a few days grumbling about the waste of his time on that quest, just to give the right image.

    Yes, Master Inel was living a fraud. A few months ago he had made strange rituals, seeking mental powers that could easily affect the world and it’s entities. But It had gone wild...True, he ended winning some of the powers he wanted. But on the other hand he lost almost all of his old psychic abilities: he was just a shadow of his former self. And so he had to live bluffing, making no one notice his lack of power. He had to stay there until he had an excuse to leave, else someone would notice the sudden difference. He had to stay in the Association, for it was there that he could find a solution to his weakened state. But all of this was extremely difficult, since he lacked the power and had to bluff all the way, something he didn’t need to do when he had the power.

    And so, he sighed again … Good thing he still had the abilities to take over a beholder.
Here again we have another character of mine :P
This one is a psychic that lost a good portion of his power but is so deep into political and trade affairs that cannot show any weakness. Used to rule in absolute power and knowledge, now he is faced with a different kind of living. Any of his underlings can now strike him down. In the middle of this Bluffing tension game, the green eyed half elf tries his best to recover his lost powers.
His full name is Vir Inel Rimeron Alter, I might change the first name to another V. Name, so that Vir is only the first letters of his name... Still unsure :D
His abilities are of a basic psychic, even weaker, but he has the awesome ability to swap places with someone, be mind or physical place. He can even steal one's ability for a short time ...
Anyway, hope that whoever is reading does enjoy.
As always, feedback, comments and ideas are most welcomed ^_^
TanninelAssougueiro Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016
i like very much... you is good write
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June 27, 2016