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hey y'all, I finally finished undergrad a few weeks ago! it was stressful, and I'm so glad I just have work as a constant responsibility now, but it was a great experience

this means I'll hopefully have time to, like, actually make art!! retail definitely takes it outta me, so I can't guarantee I'll have a constant stream of stuff, but I'll at least be able to catch up on some ongoing projects (Eclypse's ref, other 'sonas, overdue gifts for friends, misc fanart, etc.). I may even be able to open up commissions soon, who knows!!

anyways, I'll be moving in w/ my bf over the next couple days, so I think I'll try to upload my backlog of art tonight. thanks for anybody who's stuck around for me!
sorry to anyone who's been curious abt my absence (tho I think that's only a few ppl anyways). I'm still drawing, but I've been neglecting my art accounts, and most of the art I'm currently working on is long-term stuff, so I don't have much in the way of final products. school + work is kicking my ass, and I don't expect to find a break until I graduate next fall.
if you still wanna keep up w/ me in general, check out my two tumblr accounts listed in my bio on my main page, esp if ur interested in wips or some of the art I have found time to upload to my art account there.
Chikara-Redwing tagged me for this "8 OC facts" meme, requesting Terry. I haven't actually thought abt the story Terry's a part of for a long time, so I'll have to stretch those stiff OC muscles a bit, haha

Rules: post 8 facts, tag 8 characters to continue the meme. I don't even know 8 ppl on here (on friendly enough terms to tag them, at least), so I may not accomplish that last bit

before I start, I feel like I need to re-introduce Terry/Blood Donor b/c I've drawn so little art of her and Mia, and talked abt them both so little, so here we go:
- the main story is Blood Donor (-- working name, I'm not very good at titles..), and Terry is a main character along w/ Mia (both shown here and here)
- Terry's a vampire, with her species' unique biology mostly shown in this post (which is SUPER OLD, I rly need to redraw it...). here's a SLIGHTLY newer look at vampires mouths/faces, but it's still kinda old..
- Mia is Terry's (eventual) girlfriend, but first Terry has to kill her, which forces Mia into a ghost state, and she haunts Terry for the rest of the story. hijinks ensue
- there's lots of political bs w/ how there is a monopoly on the blood distributed to vampires, how vampires and other nonhumans are treated in society, etc. etc.

1) so the idea for Blood Donor sprouted from two main things:
    A) the want for a more unique and (slightly) more biologically feasible vampire design, both behaviorally and physically. Tho I still haven't been able to figure out an evolutionary explanation for my "transfusion-fangs". if early vampires' blood problems were THAT bad they prolly would've died out before anything as sophisticated as those fangs came about, not to mention HOW those fangs would have come to evolve for that specific purpose in the first place?? but I'm too attached to them at this point. lov them snake fangs
    B) the idea of of a vampire killing someone, then that ghost haunting them seemed HILARIOUS to me, I HAD to make something out of it. I feel like I did want to make this a romantic story from the onset, but something that had more of a focus on building a friendship/partnership through shared circumstances, then EVENTUALLY turning into an awkward romance. this is esp true since there's essentially 0 chance for a physical relationship between a ghost and a living being (depending on ur "sexy ghost" headcanons of course, but in this instance, contact is limited). I just want a romantic comedy abt the awkward romance between these two, w/ some psychological horror elements thrown in b/c they're both fucked up from Mia having been.... turned into a ghost...
(and not to mention the social/political elements of a fucked society :3c )

2) I haven't nailed down exactly what Terry's relationship w/ her single mother is, but I feel like it's mostly that her mom wasn't prepared for a child, couldn't get an abortion, and was forced to raise her anyways. her mom was never outright abusive, but emotionally neglected young Terry in favor of putting energy into work in order to keep them both slightly out of the gutter. Terry's mom never wanted her, but she wasn't cruel enough to throw Terry out on the streets on her own, at least, and provided her the best home and resources she could, given the circumstances. her mom had to figure out a way for them both to survive in the lowest tier of society, and, sadly, her best was still not the most emotionally healthy for Terry.

3) due to the last fact, Terry's grown up forming few long-term attachments and being very independent and antisocial. although her home life somewhat forced her into her current "hermit" nature, she's actually pretty comfortable with it. she's pretty low-maintenance, emotionally, and she's proud of it. Terry's happy she doesn't have to form relationships in order to feel "whole" or happy like most other seem to, and she scoffs at the idea of romance-- as if she'd even have the time or energy for it in her dog-eat-dog city. however, while she'd never admit this, she'd probably have a breakdown if she lost any of her few close friends. while she's hard to get close to, once someone DOES get close to her, she's a there for life, and she puts most of her emotional energy into those few relationships.

4) her closest friend is a werewolf named Devin. they've known each other almost since Terry was born, and Devin's house was often Terry's safe haven from her own; it was essentially her second home (or, really, Terry would consider it her actual home). while Devin's family wasn't much better off than Terry's, financially, Devin's mom at least had a better handle on emotional security, and provided Terry the love and affection she didn't get from her own mom. Thus, Terry considers Devin her sibling, and Devin's mom her mom.

5) considering her relationship w/ Devin, she's got a very good handle on werewolf culture and behavior. this is actually a p common occurrence, as vampires and werewolves (among other "undesirables" in human society) tend to form close relationships in more human-dominated environments. on a completely unrelated note, Terry fucking LOVES dogs. wanna melt this gal's heart? bring her a dog. Devin jokes that their werewolf influence made her weak to canines, and Terry has neither confirmed nor denied this.

6) Terry's built up a very tough outer skin having been raised in the lowest tier of society + her mother's neglect, and she's learned to channel her fear into aggression. though she's pretty good at containing her aggression to passive-aggressive remarks and lowkey threats, b/c she usually doesn't have the energy to give much more than that (+ the negative social repercussions of getting too snippy w/ a human especially). that doesn't mean she'll back down from an argument or let anyone step over her, and she's quick to snap at those who agitate her.

7) despite her sharp tongue and tough/aloof exterior, Terry's actually got a very soft heart. she hates truly hurting others, and is weak to those in need. she was often scolded in her youth by Devin's mother for giving away her own meals to beggars on the street-- food which Devin's mother had a hard time coming by herself. she's still prone to giving away money and food, but she's a bit more cautious about it now.

8) Terry's really not the kind of person to jump into physical fights, or even ENJOY fighting. she doesn't have the energy or the heart for it, and she'd honestly rather run away. she tries to avoid fights while giving the impression that she's disinterested or irritated with fighting, as she knows her city is not kind to any sign of fear or weakness. this is part of the reason why she gets so broken up after having killed Mia at the beginning-- the guilt and horror of having literally murdered someone send her into a state of shock, and then Mia's damn GHOST comes to visit, and Terry's left w/ some p severe PTSD for a while (even after Mia eventually forgives her).

man, now I kinda want to get into this story again, I forgot how much I love it ;w;

blacksapphiredragon mmmm how abt Phase?

lmao I don't know enough ppl on here, this meme gets one tag
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? about 4 years, approaching 5 years sometime in late December or early January

  2. What does your username mean? dragon + animal

  3. Describe yourself in three words. small tired hippie

  4. Are you left or right handed? right

  5. What was your first deviation? this terrible story The Tale of Limiius and RingoMany years ago, before the Age of Man, the world was dark.  The creatures of the world pleaded to Dogin, the Dragon of All, to bring light to the darkness.  Dogin heard their pleas and created a smooth, silver egg. From this egg hatched a lithe, glowing, silver dragon.  Dogin named this female dragon Limiius, Dragon of the Moon.  Every day, Limiius would soar across the sky, penetrating the darkness with her shining scales.  Though, her glow didn't light the entire world, and the many creatures still asked for more light.  Dogin then created another egg, a large, rough, golden one this time.  From this egg hatched a roughly scaled, brightly glowing, golden dragon.  This muscular, male dragon was called Rinjo, Dragon of the Sun.  Dogin then sent Rinjo into the sky and told Limiius that her duties as the world's light were over.  Limiius refused to give up her role, so she challenged Rinjo b/c I didn't have a scanner or digital art programs or anything to upload visual art yet. my first visual art post was this trash Whippet-Dragon by Dragimal b/c it was a photoshop project from school, yet still no scanner or anything for my home computer. finally, my first actual drawing was my first id. ID 1 by Dragimalfor some reason in the past, I liked to make these rly complicated ids that had what I considered important aspects of my personality represented. as u can see, they didn't work out well. also, plz be aware that my personality doesn't match up well w/ my past, so a lot of those aspects no longer apply

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? def drawing of any sort. I haven't done a lot of traditional as of late, but I still love it as much as digital

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? if we're talking specifically drawing, I'd LOVE to draw like :iconbeastofoblivion: or :iconpaperiapina:-- a kinda warped realism, or maybe Eli-Ellsworth's gorgeous wobbly lines and mass placement ahhh love it. I've been struggling to learn soft shading/lighting on a digital platform, so I'd love to become instantly awesome at that too

  8. What was your first favourite? the very first seems to be in storage, but the second one is by the same artist  Collab - Dawn and Todd by Kilo-Monster

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? dragon drawings, mostly b/c I watch many dragons groups and artists.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? bro u can't do this to me that's entirely too many. echh I'd have to narrow it down to :iconshegoran: :iconzyraxus: :icontamberella: :iconpaperiapina: and :iconbeastofoblivion:. for the sake of simplicitiy, I'm eliminating artists I found on Tumblr first, tho there are plenty of beautiful Tumblr artists I love too ;w;''

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? ahhhh golly uhhhh......... prolly :iconpaperiapina: or :iconbeastofoblivion:. I'd love to absorb some of their knowledge on anatomy and evolutionary theory. also they seem like cool people~

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? hmm well :iconchikara-redwing: and :icongreynose: have given me wonderful advice over the years, and are always supportive in their critique. I'm sure there are others that have helped me out as well that I'm forgetting (I'm sorry ;w;,,,), but these two are the first that come to mind

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? pencil and paper or tablet and tablet pen + GIMP

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? someplace w/ music, I rarely ever draw w/o music. I've also found I get a lot of inspiration from watching how people move

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? ahhh.... hmmmm... ThoughtArt was p gr8. I also liked the cat-takeover that one year. I still regret not participating in that one

mmmm I needed to update that old journal b/c I'm not gonna be doin requests anymore. it's mostly cus' my energy levels have been ever so gradually dipping over the last few years, and right now, I find it a chore to do most anything, even things I enjoy like drawing. I'll still do requests for irl friends and dA/Tumblr friends I've talked to at least more than a few times (u guys prolly know who u are, so I'm not gonna call u out), but otherwise, I'm gonna try and focus on personal projects. besides friend exceptions, the only plans I have for the near future when it comes to drawing for others is doing Flight Rising-exclusive commissions, possibly (it's ridiculously frustrating to me how long it takes to collect familiars unless ur rich OvO ), but even then, I want to finish some FR personal works before I even consider that

hope this doesn't disappoint anybody,,,
I just needed to get rid of that old journal. it's a shame Toothless won't be able to hang out on my page again 'till another site holiday w/ free journal skins, but alas

anyways, a reminder that I'm literally always open for requests. I've got a few other projects goin, as well as schoolwork, so it may take a while, but if ur willing to wait~ here's my art info


Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 11:03 PM

looks like I can get jiggy w/ a premium journal skin again so here's the obligatory Toothless one

I don't have too much else to say

except that, for the peeps still waiting for their requests, I am SOOOOSOSO sorry it's taking so long. I honestly don't have any good excuses. just school, laziness/procrastination, and a huge lack of energy from stress and anxiety. I know that doesn't rly make up for the, y'know, YEAR that I haven't gotten around to them, but I HAVE NOT forgotten about them!!

anyways, stay funky fresh my friends, and have a lovely day~~ UvU

hey! so I just entered this contest… being held by :iconspunky-mutt: to design a new character for her! if ya want to enter, the contest (currently) ends March 9th, so ya better get in fast!

my own entry ==>…
I got a new scanner! guess what that means?

I'm gonna be uploading all the drawings I've done over the last 8 months!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!

and now that I've got my OWN scanner, I'll probably be more inclined to scan stuff more often, cus' I won't have to drag my computer and stuff all downstairs and hook it up to the family scanner every time!! yeahhhh

anyways, it might be a few hours before I actually upload anything (considering how long it might take to set up the new scanning program and whatnot), but I'll try to upload stuff today!
I just needed to change my journal,,,

so uh
how is everyone?

I got accepted to college recently, so that's p cool

that's about it- I don't rly do many exciting things

see any good movies recently?


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 9, 2013, 1:29 PM

Here are the rules:
1: You have to post these rules.
2: You must post 11 things about yourself.
3: You must choose 11 people to tag.
4: Go to their page and tell them you tagged them.

  2. I'm 17 and I look 14; I'm supposed to be getting ready for college, and I can still get away with a kid's meal at a restaurant
  3. there are squirrels in my roof, and goddamn they can get irritating
  4. I'm the hermit artist in a family of v athletic, go-getter people. not that I'm whining about it, but sometimes I kinda just. laugh. about genetics.
  5. swimming anime is fucking horrible this was supposed to be a Fun and Happy show what the hell
  6. I have 2 ferrets named Bullet and Roxy
  7. I'm really close to finishing my Aradia horns hhhHHHHH. "don't use fabric", they said- well looks like I'm gonna prove all y'all wrong B)
  8. at some point second semester sophomore year, I experienced a v quick and dramatic decline in motivation to do much of anything, and it honestly kinda terrifies me, cus' it's only gotten worse
  9. blood and gore don't bother me too much (I fidget some at innards being messed with and wOW LEAVE THE EYES ALONE, LET THEM STAY SAFE AND HAPPY), but then emotional stuff really gets me. like, in driver's ed a while back, we watched that one vid almost everyone watches, "Red Pavement", I think it was, and seeing blood, severed limbs, and brain matter didn't bother me at all, but then when the family members came on and started talking about their dead sons and daughters, I almost fucking lost it right then and there, I was so close to sobbing
  10. I was about to say I have a giant Toothless plush I made, but I dismantled him recently so I could resew him better
  11. I have 2 Perry the Platypus plushes on my bed, one bigger than the other. the story behind them is kinda long, but just know the little one is from a RLY CUTE FRIEND BEING RLY CUTE WHAT A CUTIE SHE'S SO NICE


pending requests-
  • AskGgioVega
  • AskRonaldShinigami
  • Hillygon


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 7, 2013, 1:21 AM

ok, first of all, I'm back from vacation and also fixing my internet

and second, how the hell did dA turn 13? I swear to god their 12th birthday feels like it was only a few months ago
where the heck did the other 9 months go, I feel cheated


current pending requests-
  • xHybridus
  • AskGgioVega
  • AskRonaldShinigami
  • Hillygon

ok so I'm going out of state for a week so I don't know how often, if at all, I'll be on here, so I might not be able to get back to you if you need to contact me

current requests-
  • xHybridus
  • AskGgioVega
  • AskRonaldShinigami
  • Hillygon
so I'm back
I've been back for a few days actually haha
anyways, I'm gonna make a little spot somewhere on my page for the request list so I don't have to keep updating a journal about it, so keep a lookout for that

EDIT- nevermind, I'm just gonna keep slapping it on journal entries
  • xHybridus
  • AskGgioVega
  • AskRonaldShinigami
  • Hillygon
so I'm gonna be at my friend's house for the next week, and I don't know if I'll be able to get on the internet at all in that time, so if you need to talk to me, you might not be able to get to me for about a week~

pending requests journal is the one just before this one, if you want to check up on the list

EDIT- I forgot to edit this earlier asjfh but I was able to bring my laptop so I'm not completely gone it seems haha
HEY, so anyone who still has a request waiting, I'm SO SORRY, it's just that scheduling on my part has been.. bad..
at first I decided to open requests a week before I was even let out of school (BAD IDEA), then spent the week after that recovering from school, and generally being the laziest person alive, and this past week and a half, I've been at my friend's house, where I can't upload anything, and the stay has been extended from just a week because my house is in a fire evacuation area. Apparently, the house is just fine, but as of now, I still can't go back just yet.

EDIT- I'm back home now, so I can get started on requests

anyways, to /somewhat/ ease the minds of those waiting, here's a list of everyone with a request so far (in order of being asked, so the top one will be the first done, and so on after that)
if there isn't a link, that means you sent me a note instead, so I have the info there, rather than a comment

once again saying that I'm always open to requests
I've got one to do already, and a gift art I need to get done, so I'm mostly making this journal to get rid of the last one

anyways, yeah
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I am always open for requests
as in: FREE ART!!!!!!!