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sleepy Kaytus by Dragimal sleepy Kaytus by Dragimal
the second half of :iconchikara-redwing:'s request, this one of their character, Kaytus

I thankfully got to this half fairly quickly after the first, aha. hope ya like it, Chikara, and once again, if there's anything u'd like me to change, plz let me know!

I couldn't find any color pics of Kaytus, so I just filled him in grey/black/white, I hope that's ok ;w;
for his teeth, I tried to go for some morph of wolf and human. the canines are straight-up wolf, but I tried to make the incisors more human-ish, w/ some wolf influence in their slightly sharpened shape. I gave him wolf premolars that morphed into human molars at the first true molar (so it's kinda half-sharp, half-flat, making for an odd shape).
also, I hope I got the legs right! I had to resize the hind legs several times on the sketch before I got them to a proper, too-obnoxiously-large size, aha
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Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
;-;  *grabby hands at your sense of anatomy*

He's so adorable yawning and I LOVE how you put together his face.  You put so much thought into everything.  And the feet again. ;-;  This is sooooo cool.  Both requests are so lovely.  I need to give you art presents. ;-; REALLY need to
Dragimal Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
gOSH /)//w//(\ anatomy is kinda my main passion/focus in art (often at the expense of pretty rendering, as u've prolly noticed, ah a,,), so it's just rly nice to hear that u like it so much, ahhhh don't mind me just smiling like a doofus at my laptop ahh ;u;,,

and oh man, u don't have to! I mean, I love ur art-- u've got a rly unique style, esp w/ ur creatures, so I'd love any art from u, but I don't want u to feel like u have to repay me or anything! both requests were an absolute pleasure to draw! tbh, one of my favorite parts of requests is being able to rework anatomy to somewhat fit whatever mental image I have of that critter, so to not only get already uniquely-designed critters from u, but basically have u tell me I have free-rein on their anatomy, I was kinda just OVO!!!!!!!!!!!
Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Screw pretty rendering.  Most people do that at the expense of pretty anatomy, and I'll take good anatomy any day.

I do have to. ;-;  You made me such nice things.  I'll probably steal Eclyspse for drawing since she's something so totally different from my typical dragons.

I had to give you free reign with the anatomy.  How could I not?  You do it so differently than I do.  And you make their anatomy even cooler. ;-;  That's why I wanted you to have free reign.  You do really cool work and it totally seems plausible that the creatures you make could exist.  I love that kinda of thing.  :meow:
Dragimal Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
aha, I guess that's true.. I'm glad u like my anatomy enough to let the rendering slide, at least

ahhh that'd be cool, it's always fun to see people's interpretations of her anatomy. which reminds me that I need to update her ref soon hMM. but again, please don't feel like ur obligated to or anything 0v0

awwwwww shucks, thanks, that's just so nice to hear, ahhh
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May 22, 2015
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