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Winged People by Dragimal Winged People by Dragimal
I totally forgot to upload this here too, aha

I swear, all of the fantasy stories I plan on writing are gonna be written JUST for the sake of fixing creature anatomy. people will ask, “hey, what inspired u to create this world and these characters?” and my answer will be, “shit creature design”


anyone else ever eternally bothered by winged people designs, and how they not only 1) lack a keel of any sort, and 2) also somehow make the wings able to “disappear” into the creatures’ backs? no one? well, for the sake of my own pride, I’ll pretend I’m not the only one

basically, my goal here was to design a more anatomically-realistic winged “person”

design changes-

  • added keel, and related muscular attachments, so the wings have power, and aren’t just flippy-floppy pieces of skin
  • added more muscle attachment to the back, for the same reason
  • added a tail, to increase surface area, and help w/ general flight, such as bird tail feathers might. I also added a lil blip to the right side abt a tail that’s more of a flat paddle made of cartilage rather than the spined frill I drew for the main design. the paddle is prolly more realistic when it comes to evolution, but I personally like drawing frills, aha
  • tried to pull the back end of the hips back (in that main “see-through” design) so the spine is still being held in place by the hips
  • made the legs digitigrade, so there are more joints in the leg to help handle the force of landing. I didn’t make the foot more “talon-like” like a bird cus’ 1) I still wanted the design to be somewhat human-esque, and 2) I somehow imagine these critters not hanging onto branches and such as much as birds. sure, if they evolved in someplace w/ lots of rly strong/big trees, like the Amazon, then I’d prolly redesign their feet, but I didn’t rly think of WHERE they’d evolve, tbh, so I’m sticking w/ these feet. also, I imagine them using their feet more for running about than trying to catch prey
  • more pointed face, to help break up air currents more than a typical, flat human face would
  • spine attaches more to the back of the skull, so the head can more easily be titled upwards during flight
  • much smaller and lighter than typical humans, to help w/ flight
  • possible hair/mane on the head and down the back, possibly onto the tail as well? as far as I know, hair helped protect humans from sunburn (again, only as far as I know), so hair would prolly be beneficial on the neck/back/tail as well, cus’ they’d be more exposed to the sun during flight

also, did a bit of light clothes/culture design. I imagine their clothes would all be very light and airy— something that’d easily allow the wings/tail to move. they’d prolly hate anything more form-fitting, mostly cus’ more form-fitting stuff is much harder for them to wear, except on the legs, and mayybe the arms. thus, skirts/dresses and similar flowy garments are prolly popular. they also prolly don’t wear tops much, if at all, b/c, again, of the wings. skirts might be held up by hip-hugging elastic of some sort, but they’re more likely wear a lot of ‘round-the-neck suspenders (esp if we’re talking abt a culture that doesn’t have access to elastic). in colder weather/climates, I imagine some combo between a snuggle and a poncho— something that easily drapes over the wings, to keep them out of the cold, but also doesn’t impede either arm or wing movement. chairs w/ backs are non-existent in this culture. what are chairs w/ backs? these guys don’t know

I’m sure all of these design elements, both anatomical and clothes-wise, could be applied to feather-winged people as well, I’m just more comfortable drawing bat-like wings, aha. actually, feather-winged people might actually have an easier time w/ clothes, cus’ fabrics and such could slide under feathers, while that’s not an option for solid membrane. bat-winged people prolly have an easier time sitting in human-made chairs, tho, cus’ their fingers can bend, and membrane stretch around the backs, while feathers would just break. HMHM something to think abt, I guess

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Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your redesign on flying human anatomy.  Probably one of the best I have seen.  I like that you used the abdominal muscles instead of making the pecs insanely big.  It's makes him look a little chubby, but it's also way more natural looking.  Hopefully no one teases him about his thick body plan. :<  I also like the more pointed face.  The sketch with the mega poncho is amazing, lol.  That was the first though I had for sensible clothing when one has such intrusive wings.
Dragimal Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks! it was p fun to reason out~
I actually did mean for those muscles to read as "insanely big pecs", aha. I always imagined the abdominals would layer under the pecs somehow, but I actually rly like the idea of integrating the abs into the wing's shoulder-connection muscle-mass somehow! I'll have to think abt that more
hehe, I imagine big tummies would be p normalized in their culture, considering it would be a part of their natural body plan. tho, it's interesting to think abt how they might be affected by human culture... maybe "keel-reductions" become a fad at one point?
oh, thanks! ^o^ and yeah, I find it funny I have yet to see the poncho design applied anywhere; it rly does seem like the go-to solution for warm clothes for the winged. people seem to try to be more "form-fitting" in their designs, like trying to wrap human-tailored t-shirts around the wings, and it's like. guys, ur overthinking it
Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, it's been too long since I took human anatomy, lol *stares at Wikipedia images*.  So the pecs are on top of the intercostal muscles, but the external obliques are the top muscle layer around the sides of the and reach up towards the shoulder, so they would be pretty good candidates, especially if fused or working in conjunction with the rectus abdominis.  Anatomy, you make me so happy.  I wish I understood you better.

I hope keel-reductions wouldn't be popular!  I think they're much better as is... plus, they can fly.  If any human makes fun of them, they can just hop into the air and be like, "You're just jealous I can do this!"
Dragimal Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ooooh I see what u mean, they would indeed be p good muscular candidates! they'd work out esp well, considering how stiff the spine would be, what w/ the keel and the flight adjustments, so those muscles don't need to worry abt bending the torso around in the same ways as they'd be expected to on a human chest HMM

yeah, I'd hope not too! I imagine they may just be one of those odd fads of the "elite" of their culture, or those few that want to seem more appealing to humans. it's prolly something most others of the species just roll their eyes at. heh, I can also picture them playfully picking on humans from the skies, flying by and ruffling their hair or stealing hats before flapping off~
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