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Vampire Ref by Dragimal Vampire Ref by Dragimal

just nailing down some details about my vampire species

here’re some bio facts about them, if u want to read~

- as you can see, snake-fangs for fangs. this is what causes the two gaps on the upper jaw where the lateral incisors would be, cus’ the muscles need room to pull the fangs forward. the canines just help latch onto prey, so they’re just “regular” canines

-the mouth/cheeks are super stretchy to accommodate the fangs

- rather than “hungering” for blood, these vampires LIVE for blood. they don’t digest blood- they transfuse it into their own bloodstreams to help sustain themselves. their species, for some reason or another, can’t sustain blood cell mitosis for very long. so if a vampire were to drink a human dry, that blood could last up to a month before it was IMPERATIVE that the vampire find more blood (though, more compassionate and/or savvy vampires tend to drink only a pint or two from a victim every other week or so, allowing the victims to live). when a vampire is in need of blood, they become groggy, short of breath, and get headaches (cus’, y’know, lack of oxygen and nutrients and all), which can progressively grow into outright suffocation, a barely beating heart, and, eventually, death. the blood they take in must also match their own blood type, so they must have an acute sense of smell in order to find their blood type

- nocturnal vision, very sensitive hearing, and a combined taste/smell scenting that can sense both heat and human scent

- noticeable features that make them stick out from humans include: large, pointed ears; huge eyes with slit pupils and full irises; their teeth, obviously (the canines make the lips stick out a bit, and make for awkward smiles); large, pointed, upturned noses; large Adam’s apples (regardless of sex)

- sunlight doesn’t hurt them, but considering A) they have nocturnal vision (so sunlight would fuck up their eyes more) and B) their strange features would be more noticeable in the daylight, they tend to stick to the night

- vampires evolved with humans, so their different races closely resemble different human races

- they can die p much any way a human can (no indestructibility or immortality w/ these guys)

- on that note, they do need to eat along with transfusing blood, and can eat any food a human can

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March 28, 2014
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