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Rutilated Quartz FC by Dragimal Rutilated Quartz FC by Dragimal

FINALLY my first gem FC (for dA at least-- we don't need to talk abt the other two on my Tumblr)

I’ve actually had this concept and another (Amber, which I hope to get to soon) in my mind for several months, maybe even half a year? it’s been a while, at the very least, but I just never found the time/energy to get them down to (digital) paper. as soon as I thought of rutilated quartz I KNEW she’d HAVE to be a javelin thrower, there’s no way around it. it’s partially in homage to my father, who’s a track and field coach, and the one to introduce me to this particular subset of quartz several years ago. I prolly wouldn’t have thought of this concept w/o his javelin influence, aha

anyways, Rutilated Quartz (usually goes by Rudy) is a positive Gem, always walking w/ her chin high and a bounce in her step. others find it hard to stay angry around her, and more than that, find themselves given an energy boost from her own abundant stores. Rudy’s rarely resting, always on the move in some task or another. while training her body may be a given in her regular regimen, she’s also found quite often found behind a kitchen stove, stirring up one of her personal recipes. cooking is a passion of hers, and she loves being able to create delicious, nutritious meals for herself and others
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July 23, 2015
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