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Pixiv Character Contest by Dragimal Pixiv Character Contest by Dragimal
I really tried to keep myself from uploading on there, but when I saw the latest contest on Pixiv, I just couldn't resist. I am wary about uploading on there mostly because it is a Japanese-run site, and I feel like I... shouldn't be there... Like, it's a special site just for people in Japan, and I'm trespassing on sacred ground. Not that they aren't open to the rest of the world, because they are. It's just... like that feeling you get when you're invited to a party for a friend you know, and it turns out the only person there you know is that ONE PERSON, and you're just sitting in the corner contemplating leaving- it's just an awkward situation. Plus, I'm having anxiety about a japanese person possibly talking to me, because I only have Google translate, and we all know how helpful THAT piece of junk is. What if I say something wrong? WHA- WHAT IF I ACCIDENTALLY INSULT HIM/HER/IT BECAUSE OF GOOGLE?! WHAT IF THE INTERNET IMPLODES FROM MY STUPIDITY?! *HYPERVENTILATION*

If you're still reading, then congratulations, for you have passed the "Artist Freak-Out" test. The rest of this will be purely informational-

Anyways, this is my entry for this contest [link] to make a mascot character for this website [link] (just in case it wasn't perfectly clear from the last paragraph, I can't read/speak Japanese, so the only reason those links are all in Japanese is because I lost the English-translated pages for them)

I generally don't do background info like names and such for contests, but I think it's one of the requirements, so-

This is Wren. The orbs that float around her are common to her race, and provide limited electronic abilities (particularly limited, considering her young age). She can survive without them, but she prefers not to, as they also provide an extra boost of energy. Antennae are sensitive to electronic and sound waves, and are also a sort-of sedative when rubbed (i.e.- They can easily calm her if she is angry/distraught, which doesn't happen very often anyways...). Both antennae and ears move into different positions with changing emotions and/or increased observation of sounds/energy waves/etc. Her legs are a bit stubby and she tends to trip over them a lot. The electronic designs on her dress change with her movements, or with an increase/decrease of electricity in the area.
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March 24, 2012
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