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I am one with what I sense.
I run among the grasses and see the sky and the endless blue,
And smell the heady pine and dirt,
And hear the warbling calls of my neighbors,
And taste the healthy green of Spring on my tongue
As the wind rolls across it.
I reach for everything that grows,
And it all stretches towards me in return,
Eager to grow up and out into a new world of
Air and light and gentle breezes.
I am one
Simply because I am.
I don't waste a second doubting my place
Because I am spending my time making my place
Within the pool of life I am born among.
I am one.
And I belong.
I accidentally wrote a poem while uploading this…

'accidental' in the fact that I thought it deserved a more profound message than the simple "sketch word" that was there, so I kinda just let my thoughts about nature and life flow, and BAM- poem!

I ought to do that more often- just let my thoughts flow. I can come up w/ some interesting things when I try~
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Submitted on
February 15, 2014


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