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New Eclypse Notes by Dragimal New Eclypse Notes by Dragimal

it’s been around 2-ish years since I drew up Eclypse’s last ref sheet, right? I figure it’s due time she had a bit of a redesign. it’s definitely gonna be QUITE  while before I actually draw up a new ref (I’m still chipping away at that one HS tribute….)

nothing too drastic, at least in terms of overall build, but there are a few iconic features I’m changing p heavily

for one, I’m removing one set of skents, and redesigning the remaining pair into a more fluffy moth-esque look. they’ll still be prehensile, but they’ll be more like wavy antennae than split tentacles. I also shrunk them to ~about~ the length of her neck rather than her body length lmao

also changed her gills from the external axolotl-type to internal fish-like. I rly do love the look of external gills, but the details around her head were just far too cluttered, and I wasn’t has fond of the look of the gill pouch when she was out of water

pushed her third eye into her skull and squashed her whole skull situation flatwise. definitely lends to a more hydrodynamic shape and nicer look. also shifted her nostrils to the front of her snout– I think this is a more useful place for them

thinking of giving her paws some partial webbing for swimming

I didn’t draw this, but I’m also changing the look of her third eye– no more spiral pupil. I’m thinking of giving it the same pupil as her main eyes, but maybe reversing the colors of the pupil and the iris from her main eyes? idk I’ll be thinkin abt that

I think I might give her hip spines a joint? it might help out w/ membrane malleability. not too sure abt the wing arm length at this point– I might make them longer once I get to the ref sheet. I still want that overall elliptical wing shape tho
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November 12, 2016
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