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MLP Dragon by Dragimal MLP Dragon by Dragimal
Anyone remember that ponysona I made a while back? Yeah, she wasn't very good. Even at the time, I knew she was pretty awful.

Then I realized.

I wouldn't be a pony.

I would be a dragon.

It was so simple.

The biggest issue I had was that, y'know, ponies don't have hands. Hands are REALLY important to me, for drawing, writing, and the like. That's why I needed to give the pony some magic, cus' that's a great way to draw/write with hooves!
Then I had to give her wings and gills because, well, I'm a person that really loves all sorts of places; especially in nature, and I didn't want to restrict my pony.
Sounds pretty Sue, right? I knew that at the time, but there was nothing I could think of to do.

Well, I'm sure it wouldn't be a long stretch to find a winged water dragon in MLP, right? And since dragons have hands, she doesn't need magic at all!

I also had a bit of a problem with talent for the pony, cus' I'm kind-of a jack of all trades, but dragons seem to be that way as well, so it's all fine and fancy~ 0u0

Hush, these are the best explanations I can come up with at three in the morning.

Anyways, she would probably be a wild dragon, if anything. If she was raised by a pony, it would either be a pony focused around knowledge (Twilight), art (Rarity), nature/animals (Zecora, Fluttershy), or healing (also Zecora). Just to note, I was just using those ponies as examples; I wasn't trying to suggest that she was raised by them.

My MLP-style dragons are really awful, apparently.

(And yes, I know I just did a rant about belly-scales, but I'm trying to stay canon, and all dragons I've seen have belly scales, so I tried to make them semi-realistic.)

Anyways, hopefully her being a dragon makes her less Sue.
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August 8, 2012
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