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MD Carbon by Dragimal MD Carbon by Dragimal

this is one of the 7 (periodic) elemental-themed dragons I drew a few weeks ago for my dear friend, March’s (IE- @lumpy-butt‘s), final Writing project. the project can be found here, plz check it out to see March’s cool posters and info abt each of the featured elements (I'll be uploading all 7 drawings here as well~). here's a link to the post on my Tumblr art blog of all 7, if u want to see all the drawings together…

it took me so long to upload these b/c I needed to edit them a bit first. we were under drastic time constraints at the time b/c I forgot to get started on drawing these earlier, and March got the due dates mixed up a bit, so I ended up drawing all 7 of these dragons within two days while pulling an all-nighter. I don’t think I’ve drawn so many dragons within such a short amount of time before, aha. suffice to say, the original designs March submitted for his project weren’t exactly up to my personal standards of snuff, so I spent yesterday editing and finalizing them for the public~


those familiar w/ me or my art may recognize Carbon as my ‘sona Eclypse. it was actually March’s idea to use Eclypse for Carbon, and I thought it might be a fun idea to try. if he hadn’t suggested it, I prolly would’ve gone for something deer-inspired, haha. I purposefully drew Carbon here w/ a few points of difference from Eclypse, though they’re still fairly similar
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January 9, 2016
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