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HTTYD meme by Dragimal HTTYD meme by Dragimal
god, I've wanted to do this meme for AGES, before I even got a tablet. it was actually one of the reasons I wanted to get a tablet, so I could do art memes, but this is the first digital art meme I've done, as far as I can remember

tbh started this meme in 2012 and never finished it, and when I found it again, wellll.... let's just say I'm happy I never finished it at the time....

anyways, Gelvin's a frightening viking name, right? it'll scare off all those trolls and beasts for sure~ then again, I'm not the kinda person that would necessarily WANT to scare off trolls and beasts, aha (I'd def be the one trailing happily along behind Hiccup on one of his troll-finding expeditions). and if ur thinking I look like a long-haired Hiccup w/ a cape, WELL.... ur not wrong.... besides slight physical differences, I'm essentially female Hiccup (also, I'm not that creative when it comes to designing clothing, shhh). lore-wise I'd prolly be named Hiccup myself, considering my stature, but I don't want to steal Hiccup's name. no description of a weapon b/c lord knows I'm not the fighting type [hippie music playing in the distance]. I'd prolly be closest friends w/ Hiccup and Fishlegs than anyone else (we of the meeker get gotta stick together, y'know)

I simplified or removed Eclypse's full patterns in most of the panels b/c heck if I'm drawin 'em every time. she'd prolly be Mystery Class in this universe, w/ all the same mental/empathetic powers, as usual. of course, much less terrifying than most Mystery Class dragons, simply a stealthy little weasel that makes u feel frightened when u rly have no reason to be. once befriended, she makes a great companion for those who have trouble finding emotional balance, anxiety problems, memory issues, etc.

meme==> istg I can't find it, I can't even find anyone else that even DID this meme, tho I KNOW I saw other people do this in the past. if anyone knows who made this meme, plz tell me so I can properly credit them
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November 9, 2015
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