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Fox Spirit by Dragimal Fox Spirit by Dragimal
HOKAY- so one of my friends wanted me to draw a fox character from a manga, and I was like, "Sure, can I see the manga?"
"Oh, well, it's online, so I'll just print out the pages that are good for referencing."
"You can just tell me the name if you want, and then I'll just look it up so you don't have to print it out."
"Oh, uh, well.... I don't think you want to look it up."
"....... Why?...... <-<"
"Ah, well, it's a BL manga..."
She then quickly explained that her cousin forced her to read it (which I actually believe, cus' she's pretty sheltered when it comes to THIS sort of bizznazz~), and while she was scarred for life (which I also don't doubt), she still liked the fox characters in it.

WHELP, I got the ref pictures, and pretty-much flipped all the tables in the vicinity because of how shoddy the craftsmanship was for the foxes. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I upturned every defecation that I have ever possessed because of it.
I mean, I understand wanting to add personal style to animals (like the way the manga made them slender and elegant), but what they did was, well, just plain laziness. Not to say that the artists were bad; it was just REALLY obvious that they had no respect for the art of animal drawing, and felt like cutting corners. You really can't understand how angry I am until you actually SEE the damn thing, and mother of lord- is it really that hard to Google a picture of a paw for crying-out-loud?! JEGUS.

Anyways, I looked up the manga (because, contrary to popular belief, my mind ISN'T as sheltered as my friend's), and it was actually pretty interesting, plot-wise. I like the idea of different classes of Kitsune and different roles for each one, as well as the powers and anthropomorphic bodies.
I've also gotta give props to my friend's cousin for finding a yaoi manga that so elegantly cock-blocks. Really, if anyone is just starting out with this horribly addicting infection called BL, then this manga is the way to go, for it is REALLY low-key compared to the majority. Plus, it's pretty cute. >///<

I suppose this would be Unka, because I based both forms off of a red fox, and he is a red fox. Though, technically, Unka wasn't the one who turned to a baby form (explained in the manga), soooooo....

IDK. Prolly' Unka, though.

I'm not sure what DA's policy is on this sort of stuff, so no links, but the name is "Your Love Sickness". I would personally try MangaFox, because I couldn't find a free scan of it otherwise.
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March 6, 2012
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