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Eclypse ref (OLD!!) by Dragimal Eclypse ref (OLD!!) by Dragimal
EDIT- finally got around to adding her plant growth in, and rearranged/cropped a few things for space management. ended up with a bit more room than I bargained for...

EDIT 2- darkened her colors a bit, edited her skull, and added the front/back views

EDIT 3- after messing around with her colors a bit more, I ended up not using any of these tests (ahah), but BOY HOWDY, do these colors work A LOT better together! much more pleasing to the eye, and much less eye-searingly-saturated~


Name- Eclypse

Gender- Female

Species- Common Haunt dragon

Belief system- Same as her species; no deviations. Particularly interested in stories, just like many of her species~ Her basic life philosophies revolve HEAVILY around balance, whether in energy/Self, nature, health, morals, or soundness of mind, her thoughts always relate back to the basic concept of balance.

Self- Eclypse is a healer at heart; one who creates in order to fix others and their injuries, and being that she is a Haunt, this healing centers around emotions and life energy. She uses her innate Self talent with emotions to calm others, and work out their mental problems (and I mean problems as in depression, anger, etc.). This calming is achieved through either (or both) a temporary "dulling" of the mind and senses, or a funneling negative emotions through herself, and down/out to the ground, and sharing her own positive emotions. As for life force, she can 'mend' others' life energy if it has been injured, which, in turn, helps her heal physical injuries as well.

Height (from shoulder)- 4 in

Height (from head)- 7.5 in

Length (head to rump)- 11.5 in

Length (head to tail)- 41 in

Wingspan- 21 in

Diet- nuts are a close favorite to ferns in her diet, but she also likes grass and leaves (berries are her absolute favorite, but they can be hard to find...)

Habitat- loves thick forests with tall trees, lots of rain and fog, and rivers

Battle- Very-much a pacifist, so she will usually try to resolve fights peacefully before any "fur flies", and would likely put her calming abilities to good use. If she can't resolve a fight with diplomacy, she will usually run away. If she can't run (this would probably mean that someone else was involved that she felt obligated to help out), she likes to plan ahead before any fighting. Will generally perform more defensive maneuvers rather than offensive (she will protect, but generally not outright attack). Quick wit, flexibility, stealth, and evasive maneuvers are her best allies with her tail, paws, and wings. Though, again, she is MUCH more likely to run away (as well as help others run off) rather than fight.

Speed- land~ 34-36 mph; air~ 35-38 mph; water~ 7-8 mph

Strength- 7-8 lbs

Senses- all senses are normal for the species; no abnormalities

Personality- INFJ
Usually soft-spoken, patient, and doesn't stand-out a whole lot (so she often fades into the background... not that she'd complain about it). Introvert in every sense of the word (doesn't interact with others unless there is a reason), which gives the impression, at first, that she is cold and arrogant. Though, it is actually quite the opposite- she is very receptive of others, and countless anxieties hold her back from interaction, which leaves her in a constant state of closed-off wariness. She is still friendly (or at least puts much effort towards what she hopes to be friendly) when confronted. Tries to avoid conflict, which can be helpful, as she can easily stay neutral when helping others with their conflicts. Being a very open-minded individual also helps with this. Has very high empathy towards others from her species' abilities, so she's naturally very considerate of others' feelings and opinions. Enjoys solitude over being with others, and is much more at home in her own thoughts. She is very intelligent (particularly knowledgeable in healing practices, and nature/other animals in general) and has almost a photographic memory. Eclypse has a never-ending curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and love of exploring, so she would gladly explore any place (especially in nature). Though, when it comes down to it, Eclypse is very lax/easy-going, and is often found quietly curled up in her own thoughts, rather than doing anything athletic (more likely to be found reading, writing, drawing, or even sewing). Though she can be very analytical when needed, she is more abstract and imaginative in her thinking. Very much a dreamer, she tends to let her imagination run wild, and often gets lost in her own thoughts a lot (leading her to deep introspection, and many philosophic outlooks on life), and just stares off into space when nothing is happening. Though, she can still be very perceptive and focused when needed, and is known for her skilled observations. Prone to simply wandering in nature and enjoying the beauty and energy around her. She enjoys a lot of different academic topics, such as history, mythology, literature, biology, philosophy, astrology, etc. Even if she isn't interested in a particular subject, she holds the philosophy of "knowledge for knowledge's sake," and is more than happy to learn about just about anything. While she doesn't often show it, she is actually very passionate about the things she loves, and can talk about them for hours on end (though, again, it is a very rare occurrence, as she is more inclined to listen than talk in most situations). While her mind is quick, her actions tend to be slow, and she enjoys living life at a leisurely pace. Very meticulous, thoughtful, and thorough in her thoughts and actions. She's not very retaliatory, so if you wrong her, there's no need to worry about her getting vengeance upon you. Though, she's not one to forget, so while she might not "make you pay", she will revert back to her general wary, closed-off state, and it will take a lot to regain her trust (though, being the extremely merciful being she is, she's willing to give anyone any number of chances to try and regain that trust). In her speaking, she is very closed, and it's hard to get her to talk about what she's feeling (unless she's VERY VERY comfortable and trusting of someone). In her actions/mannerisms, though, she wears her heart on her sleeve, so anyone that's good at reading others' body language can easily tell what she's thinking (she hates this, and tries to hide her emotions, but it just doesn't really work out; on a related note, she has a terrible poker face, making her an awful liar).

Weaknesses- Since she calms others by funneling emotions through herself, she can accidentally gather negative emotions, leading to some shorts times of anger or sadness. If these emotions gather in larger amounts, she could /potentially/ become angry or depressed to the extreme, so she must take caution. Has the urge to heal almost to a fault, and her "attraction" to negative emotions can lead her to being taken advantage of for others' gain. A downside of being neutral is that she has a hard time making decisions; she is always second-guessing herself and is very self-critical. She is constantly worried about accidentally offending or hurting someone, leading her to being rather meek and submissive during debate. Avoiding conflict can also be a disadvantage, as she takes this to a detrimental extreme in that she is almost completely unwilling to take risks or advocate for herself, even if it would likely turn out beneficial. While she does try to be friendly, more often than not, her shyness will grow into a crippling social anxiety, and she will go to great lengths to avoid meeting others or interacting. She has the kind of personality where she doesn't really lie, so she expects others to be similarly truthful, which leads her to be a bit... naive. This, paired with being overly-merciful, can lead, again, to her being taken advantage of. This generally doesn't lead her into many bad/dangerous situations, as her critical thinking and anti-risk personality kick in some point soon after something deceptive is said, but it has gotten her to be unknowingly lead astray. Being so meticulous can make her very slow in her actions, as she focuses so much on doing something perfectly, and forgets that it may be something that needs to get done quickly. Gets extremely agitated in cities and areas with a lot of humans, or just loud/high-energy places in general. Not very strong compared others of her species. Not the fastest either. Not very athletic/competitive in general, actually. She loathes being the center of attention, and becomes extremely self-conscious if she ever speaks in front of crowds.

Appearance- I honestly don't feel like restating what I've colored. If you'd /really/ like a description, pester me about it, and I'll add it in, but rn, I'm too lazy. Moss (and some other plants, such as clovers) typically grow on her rump/back region, the back of her head, and sometimes a few other places (tips of skents)

Other- Animal shape-shifter (This isn't a power available to her species or any other dragon species that are found in "The Misunderstood", but since she isn't gonna be in the story, and she's my fursona, she gets special privileges,,, =w= )
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