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Eclypse ref by Dragimal Eclypse ref by Dragimal
there she is!!!

like the species ref, I've also shifted Eclypse's bio over to a Tumblr post, which can be found here… . the species ref is over here…

:iconchikara-redwing: gave me some LOVELY suggestions for Eclypse's pattern here, so I owe Chikara a big THANK YOU for helping me make Eclypse beautiful~

EDIT- at Chikara's suggestion, I've added a pic of Eclypse yawning, plus a size comparison

note to self for whenever I edit or redraw this: SHORTEN THE SKENTS OH MY GOD. @ self (laughs there's actually an account for Self WHOOPS): WHY. WHY ARE THEY THAT LONG. make them like. neck-length. ish. maybe to the second arm shoulder AT MOST

I've noticed in the past that the few times I've requested someone draw Eclypse, the artists seemed a bit intimidated by either her complicated design, or by just how many detailed bits I have on her ref sheet. I want to quell any anxiety here and now and say that DRAWINGS OF ECLYPSE DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!! I honestly add so many details to Eclypse's ref more for MY own benefit than anything. I want to get as well-acquainted w/ my character as possible, and it helps for me to see her from most every possible angle I can think of. I also know that some artists are like me in that they like being able to see all these details, so I keep those artists in mind when making these ref sheets as well. basically, the detail in this ref is for me and other artists who like that level of detail to work with. please DON'T FEEL INTIMIDATED by all the details, they don't all have to be perfect, and u can even simplify them if u want! honestly, I rarely ever draw Eclypse w/ her markings unless I'm doing her ref, or an involved/colored pic. and I sure as hell don't draw all her spots all the time, aha. anyways, I like to see what other artists see when they see Eclypse, so let ur style run wild, it'll be fun!
Chikara-Redwing Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
D:  We need a sot of her yawning to show off dem teeth and her tongue and stuff.  Plus it would be adorable.
Dragimal Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually did draw her yawning for my current id (which I need to remake soon HMM), but I realized too late I messed up her teeth a bit =w=''. oh well, it gives me another reason to draw her yawning! at least I have a good skull reference in the species ref, now
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July 6, 2015
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