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Cecil and Carlos by Dragimal Cecil and Carlos by Dragimal
nailing down my Night Vale, headcanons~

while I'm rly proud of how I drew both of them, it's Cecil's actual design that I'm REALLY proud of (Carlos is mostly just the basic fandom headcanon). Cecil still has a few bits of fandom headcanon (third eye, general build), but I think I might have done an ok job of adding some unique details to him, hmhm

some notes:
- as with the basic fandom headcanon, Cecil's third eye provides him with knowledge beyond his normal, human perception. he achieves this by "borrowing" other people's senses and viewing events as different people around Night Vale, past, present, and future (not that any of them can tell he's doing that).
- this third eye is not something he was born with, or happened to "grow into" on his own, but it is something bestowed upon every Night Vale radio host by Station Management. given this, the info that Cecil can tap into can be narrowed or blocked by the Sheriff's Secret Police, while at the same time, different, government-conjured info can be funneled into his mind
- the third eye pupil follows the moon's changing phases, so on a full moon, his pupil is a full, white pupil, and on a new moon, his pupil is basically gone. this affects his "third eye knowledge" in that full moon knowledge is crystal clear and perfectly accurate, while new moon knowledge is extremely fuzzy and rather inaccurate (forcing him to rely more on the direct research of his interns on that particular day)
- Cecil hides his third eye with his bangs in public, and uses adorable little hair clips to push his bangs back when he's broadcasting
- Cecil wears a bunch of ridiculous buttons on his suspenders ("Vote Hiram," "No One Does It Like Rico's. No One," etc.)
- Cecil may-or-may-not buy Carlos a lot of ties

EDIT- forgot their eye colors, whOOPS (I don't know if Cecil ever mentioned Carlos' eye color, but I'm too lazy to check, so brown it is!)
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August 13, 2013
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