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Arsena Pondra by Dragimal Arsena Pondra by Dragimal

I wrote a crapload of info. I'm pretty proud of it, but no obligations to read it. Just enjoi the crappy doodles, if you like~~

EDIT- I... didn't realize that the "six letters in the name" thing was an actual thing. I thought Hussie was just messing with us, but apparently he wasn't??...
Anyways, changed it a bit to fit criteria.

Your name is Arsena Pondra.
You live in a modest hive in one of the MASSIVE TREES that is a part of the forest you live in. As such, you are rather adept at CLIMBING and/or FALLING INTO RIVERS (thank gog there are so gosh-darned many of them). At least the falling gives you more practice with splints, however much it worries your dear custodian (she just canít understand how a person as careful as you manages to fall out of so many trees).
Your lusus, named Fuurt, is some sort of FLUFFY CREATURE with a serpent-like body, feathery wings, and gills. She is very kind and caring (often helping out in your duties to healing other creatures), but has never let you visit the OCEAN, even though your blood color almost DEMANDS it. She assures you (through her gestures, as you canít actually understand her language) that it is for your own safety from the DANGERS surrounding the ocean, but you canít help but feel the REBELLIOUS URGE to follow the nearby rivers to such an endearing place (minus the dangers, of course).
Your blood color is PURPLE, but VERY LOW by hemospectrum standards. It is so low, it is ALMOST BLUE, but it is not quite cerulean enough to hop down to that caste. Thank goodness, too, or you wouldnít have these LOVELY GILLS of yours, and it would be a shame to not be able to visit rivers, or the DARK DEPTHS of the large lakes you find on your travels (or the ocean that you DO PLAN TO VISIT someday, against your lususí wishes).
Your horns are slightly curved, backwards-facing, rather small, and nubby, with one being SLIGHTLY LONGER than the other. Your canines are the only teeth that stick out of your mouth when relaxed, and are also a bit SMALL AND NUBBY and curved inward, with one being longer than the other (the longer being on the opposite side of your longer horn). Your choice of clothing is more PRACTICAL than FASHIONABLE (Especially considering you tend to dirty your clothing with accidentally lost LUSI BLOOD, HERBAL JUICES, and PAINT every day. It can sometimes be hard to tell these stains apart). This clothing usually consists of a large, loose-fitting blouse, shorts, Your special locket (you are certain it was your ancestor's), and your FAVORITE SWEATSHIRT, all presumably dull-colored, as you donít fancy standing-out a whole lot (and itís great for stealth~). Not shoes, though. You hate shoes.
Your main interests revolve around the work you do in LUSUS HEALING and REHABILITATION, whether you find wild lusi in need, or trolls come to you with their injured/sick custodians, you are always HAPPY TO HELP. While you mainly use your MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and the HEALING HERBS grown in the forest or in your personal garden for such work, you also call upon your special CALMING ABILITY on occasion, which is wonderful for putting peace-of-mind into frightened lusi.
Outside of that, you love the VISUAL ARTS, and enjoy things in that area of activity, such as drawing, painting, sewing, and writing (which you also consider to be a part of this category, even though it is more LITERARY). As for the sewing, you are more inclined to make things such as stuffed lusi and the like, because you are REALLY BAD at making any sort of clothing, especially any of the FASHIONABLE KIND. You also enjoy reading books, especially those pertaining to the MYTHS and LEGENDS of your race, PHILOSOPHY, or just REALLY SHITTY scary stories. These books tend to make VERY HAPHAZARDOUS PILES around your hive. It should be a given by now that you also have a particular inclination to any sort of ZOOLOGY, particularly that of the FAKE kind, as well as BOTANY. When your outdoor escapades do not involve either of those things, or the helpful healing of them, you enjoy exploring new environments, and finding new creatures within them. You hold KNOWLEDGE in high regard, and thus are always interested in learning something new, so you sometimes dabble in other activities such as ARCHEOLOGY, ASTROLOGY, and the like. While you are not too completely enthralled with TECHNOLOGY, you do like to watch others work with it because you still find it very interesting, and you are COMPLETELY SHITTY with it yourself, and hope to learn at least some helpful thing from observation. The only technology you have taken the time to actually figure out is your HUSKTOP, because it is just too useful not to.
Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is of DARTKIND (BLOW-DARTKIND, specifically), and paired with your herbs, is sometimes used to TEMPORARILY PARALYZE particularly unruly lusi. You have yet to use this specibus in any actual fight, which you are quite thankful for.
Your fetch modus is a BALLOON DARTS game.
your trollhandle is dexterousNeurologistÖ. you talk in a very calm manner,, trying to keep a sense of balance in your statements,, and sometimes have random pauses of.... t h o u g h tÖ. you type in a deep green text,, for it reminds you of the green grass you love so muchÖ. this has lead others to believe that you are green-blooded,, but since the hemospectrum means next-to-nothing to you, you have never felt the need toÖ. c o r r e ct themÖ.
Your ancestor was the APOTHECARY. She was royal healer to the CONDESCE, though this title was obviously just for show, as the Condesce had little-to-no need for such an assistant as that. The Apothecary, given her knowledge on troll anatomy and herbs, was in such a position to know not only how to HEAL TROLLS, but exactly how to MURDER THEM as well. Her skills could make a death look just as NATURAL as the gentle passing of an aged highblood.
You will enter SGRUB after prototyping your kernalsprite into FUURTSPRITE, and using the TURNIP entry item (you had to find it in a large garden full of other vegetables). Once in, you will find yourself in the Land of Fog and Balance, a planet covered by FOG, TIPPED SCALES, and FERRET-ESQUE CONSORTS. Once you defeat the BAT-WINGED DENIZEN (through diplomatic compromise), the fogs will dissipate into a LIGHT MIST along the ground through a constant DAWN LIGHT, revealing ACRES OF GRASS and CRISS-CROSSING RIVERS you were not able to see before, and the scales will REALIGN THEMSELVES. Underlings will be dealt with using your CALMING ABILITY, and, if needed, some paralyzing herbs.
Your exile will be PURPORTLESS ITINERANT, who used to be the Black Queenís PARCHMENT INCUMBENT, or scribe.

The parts that have question marks are parts Iím not sure about. I think she would be a good Seer or Sylph of Heart, Sylph of Life, or Sylph of Mind, but Iím not sure which would be best. Iím also not sure if she would be a Derse or Prospit dreamer. Anything else results from me not knowing either of those things.
Parts that are slashed-out are parts I donít expect to ever fill in.

Blank template==> [link]
sophia030394 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Wow! I didn't expect anyone to actually use this, much less pretty much finish it, or use it as a reference guide for their fan character! I love what you did with it. <3
And if I had to pick my favourite part... the lusus and ferrets are tied. Also the BLUH panel, but that's a given. :D
Good job!
Dragimal Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
THANKS!!!! I'm glad you like it! ^u^
I thought it was a really comprehensive guide, actually! The only thing that I found that was missing was a spot for a room/hive, but you've got so much going on already! It made me think about extra things about my character that I probably wouldn't have thought of otherwise; it's just really well thought-out! =D
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