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A Note to Dragon Designers by Dragimal A Note to Dragon Designers by Dragimal
Guys, please, hear me out.
Taking a dragon character and drawing it in the. Exact. Same. Style. As canon Spyro characters doesn't make it any less of a Spyro character.

I'm not attacking anyone here, or Saying the Spyro style is awful. I've seen people do great things with the Spyro style!

It just... hurts a bit to see people take dragons and file down all the things that REALLY make them unique, and turn them into... I dunno, clones?
Changing a head-frill and tail-spike doesn't make a character unique, guys.

Plus, I'm a HUGE nerd for Biology, and natural adaptions of animals, and oh my god, do you really want all these dragons to live in the same place, eat the same things, and have the same natural abilities (not going into color with this; only structure)? Apparently not, cus' y'all are making them sky dragons, and water dragons, and friggin' light and dark and poison dragons, even though they ALL LOOK THE SAME.

Now before I continue, let me just say that I AM A KID. I am not trying to say I know everything, but I know enough to know that Spyro dragons aren't water dragons.

Anyways, I'm going to compare My dear Eclypse to what she would probably look like in Spyro, and show y'all a bit of what I think about when I design (for speaking purposes, Spyro-style is 1, and mine is 2).

First, a bit about my dragon species. This species is very adaptable, but, while they have wings, prefer large water sources (rivers, lakes, oceans), thus, the gills. They are herbivores. They are not the fastest, nor the strongest dragons, but are excellent at climbing, and forests are a close favorite to open water. Sight and hearing are their strongest senses. Very flexible. Their paws are important structures for object manipulation and bonding among individuals.

Okey, let's begin:

1's skull has a very pronounced snout. Not built for speed. Eyes set and facing forward. Obvious predator. Large eyes. Good sight. Slight beak. Ears are short, and don't look easily mobile. Not good for hearing. Long, lean legs. Good runner. Lean, inward-curved, stiff body. Good speed (besides the "inward-curve" part. That could be debatable), not good for flexibility. Small paws and toes. Good for speed, but little-to-no object manipulation (no, those types of paws can't hold things). Large claws. Predator (could be used for something else, but not likely [note the shape]). Paralyzing poison barb. Predator. Long, slender, semi-stiff tail. Good for balance while running.

2's skull is curved outward. Eyes set outward and facing mostly outward (yes, it's hard to tell, I know...). Herbivore. Large eyes. Good sight. Large ears, and look fairly mobile. Good hearing. Short, thick legs. Not built for speed, but good stability. Long, outward-curved, thick-ish body. Not fast, but very flexible (I personally think it's a nice swimmer's body too. Not necessarily for speed, but more finesse [I think otters~]). Large, wide paws and long toes. Good stability, the long toes are good for manipulation, and large palms are good for scooping water while swimming. Small claws. Possible predator, but could be used for something else (IE- climbing). Long, slender, flexible tail. Good for climbing/hanging.

A few things about 1 fit my dragon, such as the large eyes. Though, otherwise, 1 is an awful fit for the kind of dragon I'm looking for. Seeing this, maybe it makes you think that 1's style may not perfectly fit an air dragon, or water dragon either.

Now, I just want to note a few things that aBSOLUTELY DRIVE ME NUTS about Spyro dragons.
Wings- WOW. NO. THEY ARE NOT STICKS, SO STOP TREATING THEM LIKE THAT. Also, shoulder placement. This can get a bit tricky sometimes, since there's really no -right- way to place wings on a quadruped, but I really don't think the front-leg shoulder would be going OVER the wing shoulder. How would the wing even shift down. Just. No.
Belly plates- PLEASE STOP THAT. Unless your dragon doesn't have legs, or has REALLY, insignificantly short legs, or maybe just has two front legs or something, your dragon dOES NOT HAVE BELLY PLATES. Especially not if he/she/it has long legs. Belly plates are for movement. Y'know, snakes? Yeah, those belly scales aren't for show, or even protection. They're for MOVING. CUS', Y'KNOW, THEY DON'T HAVE LEGS. That's why the underbelly of most animals is seen as the most vulnerable point, guys. It's the least protected. Wanna know why? Cus' that's where the most movement is. Belly plates would be like wearing a life jacket. All. The. Time. They work for snakes, but not creatures with a pronounced ribcage, and probably a keel bone, so please stop. Try spine and back-of-the-neck plates instead. Less forward movement back there. Not recommended if your dragon is flexible, though.
Wing spikes- I made this separate because PLEASE DON'T EVER DO THIS. You do realize that these so-called, "wing-spikes," are based on THUMBS. Y'know, structures that naturally and comfortably connect to the wrist of a hand? Or a wing. Because wings are arms and hands. Just... just imagine spikes coming out of your wrists. Would you be able to bend your wrist? No. Rotate it? Probably not. Would it be uncomfortable, and possibly even painful? Probably. I guess it's not AWFUL if you put spikes on the actual phalanges of the wing rather than the carpals (ouch), but I really wouldn't try it. Yes, your dragon may be the baddest of bad-asses, and have a crap-load of weaponry, but wings are EXTREMELY delicate. If anything, your dragon would be trying to keep its wings OUT of a fight, and not flinging them IN.

Anyways, there's my rant. Again, to reiterate- I do not know everything about this, nor do I THINK I know everything about this. I am only a fan of nature and its creativity, and would hate to see it so shunned.
Also not trying to attack anyone. I just get excited about these kinda things, so sorry if any of y'all were offended by that.

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