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Foxy Flowers

It was a secret project : making a calendar about the wild life for the CEDAF !
It is an association helping injured wild animals before releasing them into the wild.
It is a very important subject for me, and an excellent opportunity to offer a volunteering artwork for them.
So I had the pleasure to work on the fox for the August month !
It was a reel challenge, because we had to do kind of realistic animals.
I think I leveled up on lights, that's a good thing.

Well, we were 12 illustrators working on this amazing project, and we're proud of us !
If you want to support it and bring some nature into your home, you can buy the calendar here :…
(and send a mail at for getting your calendar).

All foundings will be for the association ! :3
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Awesome work! :D
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Beautiful artwork!
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wonderful work :love:
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this is adorable!
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IT'S AMAZING. And I love the idea of contributing art for animals' benefit. will check out the calendar :)
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The lighting and shading are stunning!
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Amazing! Yeah amazing job making this! Keep up the amazing work anyways!
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You're welcome. Yeah man just keep doing you're best overall okay?

Also have you heard of Sakugabooru? Like at all? I mean I'm sure you can get into it since (I'm gonna assume) you're an animation fan.

Anyone can join, I'm sure you'll fit in right? I'm not being paid to say this lol this isn't a promotion. I'm recommending someone like you to join cause you more than likely have good taste in animation. Give it a shot.
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Beautifully done
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Very cool scene!
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Such a beautiful drawing, I love the fox:D
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Looks soo cute >3< 
Awesome work!
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C'est beaucoup trop beau. <3
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I'll change my icon if asked but I really love this!!!
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Ok no problem :) Thanks !
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This is wonderful!
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