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[ArtTrade] Lycanroar

And there is my half of art trade with Lycanroar  her dragon sona is pretty interestin, rly ^^
Not gonna lie I NEVER even tried to draw WoF dragon, I like to watch them, not really make them but still I think that came out not that bad how I think
(also dont trust the moon, its weird)

So If u dont know Lycanroar u definetly need to chceck her out

Lycanroyale belongs to Lycanroar 
Art done by me
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© 2021 DragHeti
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This is truly amazing! Thank you so very much for doing this art trade with me! Lycanroyale looks stunning! (And I'm working on my part, maybe I'll have it ready tomorrow)

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Np, I liked doing it ^^

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Wow! This is hella beautiful, lovely work! Gorgeous! :la:

Lol I noticed the funny moon! 🤣 Reo go lulululululu on the moon!

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*shooting stars, starts playing in the background* xD

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thx, but I really think it's good not really a incredible one but still tysm ^^

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IT IS INCREDIBLE! The Bean has spoken! :3

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OK OK if bean spoked i'm not gonna complain xD

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