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^Please enjoy the soundtrack from Night in the woods, my favorite song^

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Everyday normal young man who is on training on different skills, struggles English speaking & writing, and not much knowledge as I'm still study on art skills, future jobs, and pretty much goof off on gaming and other such. Wish everything be alright.

I can accept critiques but only great knowledge type of users can. Rather ask me for permission

Before you comment to me, here things i would let you know.

If you want to ask to me something, to let you know, I'm bad at explaining of things even my English isn't my first language even I live in United States.

Thanking me on my profile is thoughtful but you really don't have to do it and I know it's very sweet as I appreciate from you alot.

Please DO NOT share advisement or any begs for favorites or watch on any comment sections around my posts. It's pretty a bad idea to do it, and specially scams links or booby traps.

Please do not send me private message me for random NSFW Role Play or any pointless drama that I do not want to hear about, even I wish I didn't walk into drama by mistake.

If you act way childish to me, if I had no good choice to block you which I don't feel uncomfortable with kids online as always (I believed kids are toxic online as I consider depending they're behavior)

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Favourite Visual Artist
everyone's best art work
Favourite Movies
Lego the Movie, FREE WILLY, Inside out, Toy Story, BACK TO THE FUTURE, Summer Wars, Jurassic Park, ZombieLand, Avatar, Gremlins, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Get Smart, Alice In Wonderland
Favourite TV Shows
pokemon, History, Dan VS, The Simpsims, MAD, Spongebob, Invader Zim, Digimon, Black Butler,South Park, Legendz, Mirai Nikki, FLCL, Attack on Titan, once upon of time, The Walking Dead, Doctor who, Lego related, Rwby, My Little Pony, VGHS, and more...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Lady Gaga (mosty), Pitbull, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, DJ Earworm, and Vocaloid
Favourite Books
Diary of a wimpy kid, the hunger games, HomeStuck, Wolf pack
Favourite Writers
anyone who made a great story
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Super Mario bros, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Earthbound/Mother, Pikmin, Epic Mickey, Sonic, Animal Crossing, Other wii games, Zomeble panic in wonderland Mysims, Undertale, Minecraft, Don't Stave, Terraria, Left 4 Dead and Other Nintendo related
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, NES, SNES, 64, Gameboy, GameCube, Wii, DSi, 3DS, Wii U
Tools of the Trade
MyPaint, Blank books, Photoshop 7.0, ColorsLive, Sai Paint
I know I'm barely active here but I still post art here whenever I can. I know a lot of people quitting this site, as I do dare to return on here. There is two things I'm aware of so far I have seen. One is the negative behaviors on DeviantART community as I have seen a lot of people make a negative impact such as shaming art styles as they claim they don't own, bossing for requests, posting questionable content that they should have mark they're content mature and more. And people said Twitter is much better to be with the better community but no, we still get those type of people, especially I often saw the "Let me change your art" as there were barely good criticism and.. opposite criticism. This is still regardless of where you prefer to move out as there will always type of people who would bother. Remember that we all should block any if they try to bother. Second, the layout changes: Alot of people hated big changes and quit because of big changes, they don't realize
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I just realized I had Core membership the whole time. And had it expired today. No worries :iconpixlphantasy: it wasn't your fault for not letting me know.
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My birthday was few days ago and.. DA became the least used nowadays. I'm still using it post art, fav figure poses. but my followers, and friends moved on twitter, and they didn't realize my birthday was a few days ago which is fine. But I feel like...
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Happy Birthday, DraggyStar! :D :hug: :iconcakeplz: :iconpresentplz: :party:
birthday cake Happy Birthday Godliek :D birthday cake 

All the best to you~ :aww:
Hope you had a wonderful day :)

Blue~ :handshake:
:icondragonshy2: No problem~ ^^ :highfive: