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Alright! For most people, May is a very busy month. This was especially true for me. When the busy-ness hit, I usually stop drawing altogether, but this May, I predicted how busy I was going to be. That's why dragon month sort of swallowed up May as well. I extended my drawing and posting routine to last me about 2 months. But, hey! May is over! And now it's summertime! Let's see what I can do for June! 

Ambitions for June:
-Do some full and real concept arts
-Re-work some of my Grimoire and Gauntlet designs. 
-make some new Grimoire and Gauntlet designs. 
-Completely redo everything about Orimon. 
-maybe a few, fun, extra bits
-Do some world building for Grimoire and Gauntlet

I know for a fact that not all of these are going to get done, but I can at least work on a few of them. 
~Stay tuned! 
Now that I'm back, and my birthday is coming up soon, I wanted to do something special. 
I'm announcing April to be Dragon Month here on my DeviantArt. I'll be posting a whole ton of dragon drawings. I'm mostly doing this because I really love dragons and I love coming up different designs for dragons, yet I noticed that I never really posted any dragons here. I'm not promising any upload schedule 'cause you know how well that turns out, but I will promise that I will be very active this month and will post quite a bit of art. 

~Stay tuned for some awesome dragon art! ^^
I recently found a new way to create outlines around my drawing
old way:
Jagged boarders by Draggaco
new way:
Smooth boarders by Draggaco
The new way is much more smooth, but kinda grew accustomed to the sharp corners of my old outlines. Which should I choose?
I'm obviously exaggerating here, but I went super giddy twice yesterday.
I was already having a good time because I went to an amusement park with my family, but something amazing happened. 
My good friend :iconerikservin: surprised me with a wonderful gift. 
He made a 3D model of Pyrelien and Animated it. Go check it out it was amazing. 
But soon after that, I received another message and I won silver in :iconfakemon-united: 's monthly contest. 
Yesterday was just one good thing after another. 
I was tagged to do this by :iconerikservin:
The rules are: tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme.
Eh, I'm gonna have to break this one and only rules. 'cause I that's how I roll. B)

Name: Bet you 5 bucks you can't guess it! (I'll hold true to my words(eventually)(also no hints))

Star Sign: Taurus

Average sleep time: 6-ish 7-ish. (I got insomnia pretty bad, I usually stay up late and wake early, and I'm a horribly light sleeper.)

Last thing Googled: Mushrooms (It'll make sense later)

Favorite characters: Ix the Interloper from Awesomenaughts and Zenyatta or Lúcio from Overwatch. (Healers, I know)

Current clothing: Red converse, White-ish gray jeans, blue t-shirt, black hoodie

Number of watchers: Off the top of my head, I think it's 30. (Just checked, 31. It may be a few, but quite a few of them are loyal. (you know who you are, awesome person))

What do I post: Mostly digital art of what I call "Orimon" but rarely I'll mix it up a bit. ^^

Why I choose this username: Sweating Towel Guy
Sorry for being dead for so long. ^^;
I know you're tired of me saying that, but now I'm back for good.
I'll be able to post art at least once every two days with all the art I made over my break. 
Also, I'm expanding a little bit.
I have a Twitter now. It's a little barren right now, but I'll make announcements and tease upcoming art. 
I also created a Discord server. There you can hang out with me, make suggestions, and I even made a place where we can critique one another's art in hopes of improvement. Come on in there's plenty of space! ^^

My Twitter: (@_Draggaco_)

My Discord Server: (Draggaco’s Tree House)

Sorry for being such a ghost recently. I bet you guys are just sorta used to it now.
I've just been really busy. But, I'm here now! And only 3 days late to Valentine's day. 

I might be making a few changes around here and tell me if you approve:
More character refs for Grimoire and Gauntlet. (Which should be in development in spring. WooHoo!)
More Orimon! 
I'm going to start a redesigning Pokemon like I do in collab just without the collab part.
A special surprise!

~Stay Tuned! 
Brefall by Draggaco >>>>>  Brefall by Draggaco
Old                                       New
How do you like the new design? Hope you enjoy!:D
~Stay tuned! 
Me and a couple of my friends are going to start working on a special project during November.
During this time I won't be able to post very much art.
I'll still be active within this community and interact with you guys, but don't expect art from me in a while.
As for this "special project" I'll reveal it to you guys late November ;) and hopefully many more monthly updates will follow! :D
~Stay tuned! 
I updated a good portion of my Orimons' art. It's not too much of a design change that they needed revamps, but the changes are still noticeable. Go check them out. Did you like the changes? Is there any change you recommend? 
I've updated: 
I'll be posting the last two final evolutions for my starters during the next weekdays. 
And, you know how my five starters are domesticated versions of extremely rare Orimon?
Do you guys want to see the wild variants of my starters, or do you want to see new Orimon? (This is after the final evos of course)

~Stay tuned! 
My friend Presto just recently made this awesome video My Experience With - Furi 
Go send him some love, a like, and/or subscribe him to encourage him to keep being the awesome person he is and posting more top quality videos. 
p.s. I kinda made this post with out his permission, so if you're reading this Presto: sorry, you're stuff was to good not to share.
p.p.s. Why are you still reading this? go check him out! 
LordOrenamus (:iconlordorenamus:) is hosting a collaboration where about 20 artists chose a starter pokemon and redesign them.

If this interests you, hurry before all spots are taken! [LINK]

~Good Luck! :D
It's been exactly one year since my DeviantArt was born. Now that I look at it about six months of it was pure inactivity. I would apologize and say "I won't do it again" if it weren't for the fact that I'm going away again. Summer is ending a lot quicker than I expected and my schedule is starting to get a bit busier now. I'll start posting art around the 15th of August. See you then. :D

~Stay tuned!
I'm finally going to be able to post like I used to! :D


This is how I'm going to be posting Orimon:
I'll group certain evolution lines together, then post each line one stage at a time.
The Precips, Buddum, and Cellva lines are grouped together(which they're not, just an example)
I'll post Precips, Buddum, and Cellva first...
Then Brefall, Florrum, and Cytupa next...
Then Gorobreo, Allionum, and Bellskit.
Then I'll move on to another group which will be posted similarly. 
Inspired by: :iconcpthelunargoat:
Very rarely do I color my hand drawing of my Orimon. Magva is one of those exceptions. It used to be a more yellow color, with darker rock scale things.
I decided to a quick recolor and it looks a lot like Pyreliental.
Pre-magva by Draggaco
As I was creating the #10 slot, I noticed that I had a lot of Orimon concept art that were not posted but saved on my deviant One of them was an EXTREMELY crude design of what I call an "Orible". It is essentially the Pokeball for Orimon.
Orible by Draggaco
I'm ashamed to admit it.
Just look at Cytupa. That vague look was completely unintentional.
Cytupa by Draggaco
Jaxtern and the Apomination line have a very scary connection. (+10 coolness point to whoever figures it out.)

Apomination by Draggaco Connection by Draggaco Jaxtern by Draggaco
You where going to find this out eventually, but eh screw it. There ae 16 elements in Orimon.
Non-elemental, Plant, Poison, Light, Electricity, Dragon, Earth, Ice, Fire, Alien, Slime, Insect, Water, Undead, Air, and Dark

Each element has a region on Orimon's island. Fun fact: The elements above are listed in the order you would encounter them. Each region would have it's own Boss Orimon. Yes, there are supposed to be 16 bosses. (I just haven't drawn them yet.)
Mistery by Draggaco
Brachyto has a VERY loose design. It was never draw the same way twice. I couldn't make up my mind about it's design. So I just winged it. It's concept art was really crazy.
Brachyto by Draggaco
There will be an Orimon that is basically a mech version of Brachyto. Other cellular aliens might have mech versions of them as alts. for "Mech Brachyto", key word it maybe.

I created a made up language. It will have an impact on Orimon soon. So far Kyn Garj (I'm renaming Kin Jarg) is the only Orimon with a fully "made up name". Incase you were woundering, it means "Gold Dragon".
Kyn = Gold, Graj = Dragon.

Kin Jarg by Draggaco
This is the first Orimon I drew. It's slime type, (classic RPG) it did have a name, but I lost it.
(and now I lost the photo, shit.)

I tag pretty much anyone who wants to do it, but I'd like to :iconcactus-senpai: 's thought process of creating his fakemon.
What's your Favorite mythical creature?
I'm just a little curious, and who knows your favorite might show up in Orimon
Mine is the Mandragora.

~Stay Tuned
So glad to finally be on DeviantArt again. :D
I just moved and finally hooked up my computer. As for art, I still haven't done anything, and I'm still not used to my tablet. I try to get some practice with it next week, and then maybe I'll post some practice Orimon (or any artwork for that matter).

~Stay Tuned!
First of all, I SOOO sorry I ignored you guys for the past month.
I've been in a really frustratingly complicated situation lately. I know I promised to start posting again in February (oh god, it's already the 2nd?!), but things have changed. The struggles I face are soon behind me. I'll be able to get some work done.
I'm moving some time late February. Give me a another month to get situated and finalized a decent portion of the newly designed generation of Orimon. Expect me to upload some time late March (but don't get your hopes up too high, I'm not good at looking into the future). 
(When I do start uploading)
Don't expect me to upload like I did back in 2015. The new schedule will be consistent but slow. Most likely one evolution line a weekend.
That's all I have to say, hopefully you aren't too mad at me, looking forward to posting later. :D
~Stay Tuned!
So my computer is still in total shambles, but I realized that when I pulled an all-night, I sent my friend the images for the bosses, so I have all of the ones that are finished.
They will be posted shortly, but they won't have too much information about them because their designs will change after I get a consistent posting schedule in February.
    ~Stay Tuned!