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As a old wow and vore fan, i can say they are lovely couple. I can see dragons toughts from his eyes and that night elf is one of the s...



Vore-Crush Animator
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
My youtube channel:
My website:

Hello to everyone..

First of all, i am an 3D Poser animator who loves to see humans or another creatures swallowed by others alive, so called "vore".. I love to share art with others..

What can you find at my place?

-Free Quality Vore animations both animal/animal and animal/human, which simulates realism. You can watch and dowload from here. Comment and critic them.
-Quality 3D renders maybe alone maybe series maybe another good angles from my animations.
-Animations on Sale, which i work on them very carefully to earn your money. Those animations took days, weeks and more.. Sound and video edited. As long as it can get. Mostly soft, a bit hardish, but no blood and no killing.

2. Why whould it be better if you comment?

- I love chatting with people, this gives me power.. its hard to sit on a computer and working on a single animation for hours realy.. even i got new world of warcraft expansion :)..
- So you can share ideas with me. I mostly do what i want, but sometimes i got a huge inspire from little different idea or even a scatch art..
- Critics.. ofcorse creative ones.. you saw something missing? something not right? So we can have better renders, animations.. to simulate a real life hunting and voring is hard and i can easily miss something between tons of things.
- There are many 3D renderer out there.. if you are one of them and you have questions, you need something, please call me.. i want to help you all. The animating is hell easy.. only need a start..

So... please dont comment about my selling style.. i love it so. its a hobby to me but i give much more afford then a simple hobby.. I wont be rich for selling 1 animation per month. If you pay me, you should have the best..i need to do the best.. becouse if there is someone better then me out there, i just stop it and try to give all my support to him.. this is my character.. but at art there is no global best.. like there is very good snake vore animators, macro vore animators.. so i mostly do always different.. if you like it, you support me.. so dont get me wrong please.. some ppl try hard to get me wrong and they succseed...

I hope you all enjoy here at my renders, animations.. this is a place to watch some ppl get eaten alive.. so relaxing.. :)..

Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Sony
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby do



First of all this will be about a dickgirl on boy series at high school. So the ages are a bit little. Please know this before any call.

I want to give some little inked comics but first we need to have characters. The art style could be realistic to semi realmanga mix. I dont want to go full manga style but as there will be size difference it should not be so realistic.

My price is 30$ per comic page. It could be rise if the quality is good enough.

You can find all the references here:

Time and communication is very important. I am tired of people who just cut contact and slow the progress down. The artist should be free and give his work time to me.

If everything is fine for you, please give me your examples.


I got some doujin pages which needs to be cleaned by Japanese effect words on screen and some editing/drawing. There is about 6 pages to clean here and there. My budged is 50 to 75$.

I need pro redrawing for cleaning, not simple photoshop tool using.

Here is the PSD file for pages which needs work.…

I got limited time, as it should be finished by Friday. As the project is not complex, I will give the jobto the first artist who can handle it. Before payment, I would like to see a page finished at least to check the quality.

Dont worry about payment. As a pro animator at business, you can trust me without problem.

To contact, please use my mail as

Thank you very much for your time.

PS. Don't just throw me a random reply here with examples. Just tell me you can do it and price, then we start to work. As I said, I will look for first page before payment.

I want to give a commission about a dickgirl and boy. Project will start with 8 page and will go on with time. My budged for first 8 page is 200$ (could go more as page and budged if the quality/price is good enough). It will be black/white and inked. Pages will have at least 2 big panel and 4 little ones.

Page size example: <da:thumb id="7608230307273102"/>

I will give you the story, real photos for characters (photos are 25 years old/hard scans, so don't worry), many 3D renders for main poses and more details. Art style will be "realistic".

I need a FREE artist who can finish this project in time (max 15-20 days).

PLEASE do not send a spam of your old works here. Just draw me an example of the characters and send

Here is all the info images and story file:

For download:!bE83iQzB!GUl0wbUQn__…

As i said, if everything goes smooth, i plan to go on with the story every month.

Thank you!
Hey. I am looking for an artist who can continue to a doujin with the same art style.

- Story is about a dick-girl/futanari and a young boy, it's futa on male story.
- I plan to have a 5 page doujin black/white (2 big, 3-4 small panel per page).
- I already created possible poses as 3D renders.
- I got 150$ Budged for the project.
- Artist should able to work finish the project in 15 days max.
- Artist should mimic the art style directly. THIS IS A MUST.

IF you accept this conditions and you think you can copy the art style, please contact me. I will give you more examples to use and make you draw a panel which i prepared as 3D render. If it fits the project, we will start to work together. I got limited time, so the artist should not delay the work.

Here is examples:

PLEASE do not post unneeded examples to me. If you draw something like those examples, it's fine. As i will already make you draw an example before deal, please contact me, if you are just sure of by yourself to able to do this. If you can replica the art style and can create pages from a base story, i am all fine.

Than you for your time.
Hey people!

I just found a game done by a pro game dev named Mary. She got many fetishes like me and she can create a game "alone" and this is her job.. so we don't talk here about new beginners or amateurs..

Even i am not so much into the giantess stuff, Mary made it so perfect, there is no way to not like that.. Don't make the name fool you, the game got many kinkies like vore, fart, sitting.. you can choose the gaintess actions too, so you can close any attack you don't like.. so perfect to everyone.. 

Gameplay is nice and fetishes are not only finishers but gameplay.. for example, when she shrink and moms your character, you are continue to fight to escape with some different skills.. if you win, you escape, or you get swallowed.. 

I hope many people supports her at patreon, as i go for after i saw the gameplay.. even i pledged some big many money for anal vore and i got more planned for future like breast crush..

Here is her deviant page: 

Mature Content

Goddess of Trampling 'Free Demo Download v0.31' by FWFS

Patreon is here:

Check it and you will see!!


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Nice vore work, especially love the dragons. I have got a thing for them.
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An animator who makes high quality content and overall amazing work! Bought and watched many of his products for years and have always been amazed by his efforts!
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Thank you very much for kind words! I am still here with your support!
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