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:bulletred::bulletorange: Welcome to Dragcave-IRC-Arts! :bulletorange::bulletred:

So, you wanna learn how to make sprites and other forms of art? Maybe how to transform a sketch from this:

Credit: Sumoka

into something like this?

Credit: Sumoka

Maybe you wanna learn how to sprite? Turning something like this:

Credit: Sumoka

into something tiny and detailed like this:

Credit: Sumoka and Aislein

Well, my friend, you have come to the right place. You are just a click away from discovering more about art media especially Dragon Cave dragon sprites. Here at the DC IRC #arts channel you will encounter fellow artists who can tutor you in different styles of art media. Our main focus is to give constructive criticism to help guide your projects to completion.

We are here to to post advice and critiques for all your artsy needs. Our users can help with anything ranging from sketching, redlining, sprite-lining, flat-coloring to shading dragon pixel art. Some of us also dabble in other forms of art too so questions about that are also welcome.

If you need more one on one help but don't want to post a comment or leave a note, you can always click the emerald green Loki Dragon. You will be taken to our IRC channel where you will find many artists chatting and willing to help with whatever your needs are.

:bulletorange::bulletyellow: How to Join :bulletyellow::bulletorange:

All you have to do is click "join" at the top of the page. However, there's some criteria you must meet before you are admitted.

Once an admin sees a new join request they will accept it when they can. Leave a nice little intro why you want to join and please include your Dragon Cave scroll. If you are not a member of Dragon Cave please state that in your message instead. We will always accept members who leave us their scroll name!

  • Your scroll name.
  • A link to one or more dragon concepts you are working on.
  • A sample of other Dragon Cave related art.
  • A reasonable reason for wanting to join.

Not Acceptable:
  • A link to your dragon eggs instead of your scroll name.
  • Beg to join such as "Let me join this group please!!!"
  • Leaving the message completely blank.

:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Group Submissions :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:

Dragon Cave or dragon related art is preferred, but if you have other works of art you want to show off, you must place each deviation in the proper folder, just to keep things organized. Not following this rule will result in a ban from the group after three warnings.

  • Dragon Cave or Dragon related art.
  • Non-Dragon related art.

Not Permitted:
  • Anything over PG13.
  • No nudity (no shirts on males are okay).
  • No violence (showing weapons are allowed).
  • No sexual poses (cuddling and kissing is alright, if tasteful).
  • No foul language.

We are currently allowing all members to submit art in the following Featured section folders:
  • Sprites
  • Digital Media
  • Other Media
  • Non-Dragon Works

If we feel the art should be featured on the main preview, we will update that ourselves.

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: Extra Notes :bulletblue::bulletgreen:

We are not actual Dragon Cave admins and cannot approve any dragon concept into dragon requests. If you need help with getting your concept approved you will need to speak with an official Dragon Cave moderator. We also can't guarantee your concept will make it to completion or even in cave. We are here to lend a helping hand in trying to make your concept the best it can be.

If you see anything that could be improved, or if you have any additional information that is not mentioned in the group page, please message any of the admins!

:bulletblue::bulletpurple: IRC Chatroom :bulletpurple::bulletblue:

The group chatroom is a place where all members and non-members of dADragCave can freely chat with one another! Once inside of our IRC chat, all Dragon Cave rules apply except mild swearing is okay. Read the MOTD and you should be good to go.

Direct link to the chatroom:
Credit: Sumoka Click the Loki Dragon above to go straight to the IRC channel.

:bulletpurple::bulletpink: General Group Rules :bulletpink::bulletpurple:
  1. Respect all other club members. That means no spamming, blatant swearing, harassment, or trolling. Anyone found doing this will either be warned or banned.
  2. DO NOT post eggs or hatchlings here. This group is designed for art purposes only, if you want to talk about other Dragon Cave related subjects, go to our Affiliate group dADragCave
  3. Do not ask for people to gift you eggs or hatchlings. This group is designed for art purposes only, if you want to talk about other Dragon Cave related subjects, go to our Affiliate group dADragCave
  4. Anyone found breaking most or all of the rules and courtesies listed will be banned, blocked, and ultimately reported (the last point only applies to people who are harassing others or trolling).
Well as the group info states, we are here to encourage new and budding artists to make their art the best it can be. We hope to make a difference in everyone's art skills so that one day you too can have a great creation to show off to friends and family.
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Gallery Folders

My Livestream Account! by AshaGirl4Life
Dark dragons sprites by FuriarossaAndMimma
(E) Summer In Space by abia-g
slink by abia-g
Debut by abia-g
Digital and Traditional Works
Mint Dragon - BW by FuriarossaAndMimma
Golden Dragon - BW by FuriarossaAndMimma
Caligene by abia-g
Zaeraph by Sumoka
Other Media
Non-Dragon Works
Three's Company by Aislein
Telekinisis is a thing, right? by Aislein
Daemonfeuer Fan Art by Aislein
Deathly Hallows 337 Korung by Aislein
Sketches and WIP
Late Again by Aislein
WIP White Hatchling by TriCerieTops
I Got Bored by GaaraxHinata6666
Dragonstuck - ninjaTalole by GaaraxHinata6666


Feathery Dragon by homa-Nix
Holly Dragon by homa-Nix
Hellfires by akrona
SPRITE: Goldhides by JaziSnake
Digital and Traditional Works
DC: Shallow Water Dragon by Rooncakes
Dragon Cave by IsisMasshiro
Quicksilver by akrona
Guardian of Nature by akrona
Tropical Seadancers for Dragcave by AngHuiQing
Arsani Dragon by TheWyvernGuy
Other media
Dragon 'Spinner' by AshaGirl4Life
Wing Tutorial by Thy-Darkest-Hour
Folded Wings Tutorial by Kamakru
Tutorial - Splashing water by AonikaArt
Dragon Sitting Tutorial by shiari


Feathery Dragon by homa-Nix Feathery Dragon :iconhoma-nix:homa-Nix 142 57 Holly Dragon by homa-Nix Holly Dragon :iconhoma-nix:homa-Nix 49 15 Hellfires by akrona Hellfires :iconakrona:akrona 187 14 SPRITE: Goldhides by JaziSnake SPRITE: Goldhides :iconjazisnake:JaziSnake 111 27 Volcano Dragon age chart by PixelDragonMaker Volcano Dragon age chart :iconpixeldragonmaker:PixelDragonMaker 49 10 Run out of dragons? by fool Run out of dragons? :iconfool:fool 2,089 191 Silver mingle by Sumoka Silver mingle :iconsumoka:Sumoka 70 10 Arch- by AngelicDragonPuppy Arch- :iconangelicdragonpuppy:AngelicDragonPuppy 32 14 Ancient Lum's Flatcolors by AshaGirl4Life Ancient Lum's Flatcolors :iconashagirl4life:AshaGirl4Life 21 3

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No problem, thanks for joining our little group! :)
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