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After 9 months (or so) of being unemployed (without government aid thanks to their own paperwork f-up screwing me over) I can finally say I have a job that will cover my bills again. Starting tomorrow I will be back to the 9-5 grind, 5 days a week. This means that I will have less free time again, but hopefully I will soon be able to afford to do things with what free time I have again.

Also, I hope that this also means that my drive to create more often will return. Being out of work and doing the hopeless job search was good on the creative front. I don't do well when stressed and depressed.

The only down side is I have to start getting up early and driving a ways to work again. The new one is a bit farther than my last one was, but I have a Hybrid now (purchased right before I lost my last job) so the overall gas costs should still end up being better than it was before. We will see.

Mostly I am just glad that I will have a regular income to cover my bills again, instead of all the questionable odd jobs and family & friends help I have been getting.
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I am still out of work but I have a good feeling about a recent application at Apple. We will see if it actually goes somewhere. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

But the real good news is I am coming out of my funk. I am starting to feel good about working again and I have started to actually get the artwork done for the next Lootin' Wizards expansion. I have also accepted a piece of contract work for a friend, designing a logo and website for her upcoming business venture (which I may also do more for when it gets closer. When the site goes live you can check out the rest of my work there (themuse.cc), but in the meantime I posted a couple pieces of the logo work I did for it.

I am writing code, I am writing stories, I making art, and most of that is for my own stuff and not for others and feeling forced. It feels good to be coming out of the funk. I hope this means my job interview and everything will also be positive and lead to landing a job soon.

I am also still open to do commissions of all sorts. As you can see, I am not just a puff artist.
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Through no fault of my own or my boss I am now out of a job. Through a series of events out of his control he was forced to pretty much get rid of everyone. I wish it didn't have to happen and He seems to feel just as bad about it, since it screws up his life as well, but it happened.

Why do I bring any of this up here? Not my usual place for this kind of sharing. Well... this means that I have both free time (as I look for work and wait for call backs) and a need for extra cash. Could this mean I am open for commissions for the first time ever? It sure could.

I have no rates since I never really do this over deviantART (and my professional rates are not what I would expect to charge here), but I am open to offers. No trades please, as I am not in need of new art when I am worried about how I am going to pay my bills. The more complex the art you want will mean higher rates, but a simple puff character of what you want shouldn't be too much.

In the meantime I am still working on my own site, games, and writing when not working on getting a new job.
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So I was working on a burst of inspiration, which was going to delay Lootin' Rogues a little but get another expansion out for Lootin' Wizards, when disaster hit. I back-up my whole system about once every week or two, which is way better than the average person, and sometimes back-up certain things onto my iPod drive more often then that. It has served me well for years and I have only ever lost one important file in about ten years (and that was like ten years ago).

I had been working on the new Lootin' Wizards expansion (currently named "Quick Change") for just over a week and figured I better back-up everything. When I went to do that I found that my entire work folder was not only corrupted or empty, but missing. It had been there the night before (as I was working on things in it) but now it was gone.

So I immediately shut everything down (as to not overwrite anything) and ran recovery software on it. This is the same superpower recovery software we use at work on our clients computers. It was finding files and fragments of things I had deleted like four to five YEARS ago, but couldn't find a SINGLE art file for the new expansion. The only things I didn't have backed up yet and it couldn't find them.

So I have been disheartened and have to start all over on the artwork for the whole set (luckily the text files containing all the card text and rules were still there). It's been a week since this has happened and I have not started working on it again yet. I know I will at some point, but I just can't bring myself to start on it yet. Good thing this is something I do for myself and not on some company deadline.

I am really gonna miss the Skull and Bones I drew for the Death Mark. It was so cool. I know no matter what I do the redo of that one will never be as good in my mind...

At least you all have a new expansion to look forward to at some point in the coming months. The text has all been worked out and tested, so it's just down to getting the art and layout finished.


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The expansion to Lootin' Wizards was released this week. www.rpgnow.com/default.php?man… It's called "Lootin' Wizards: Curses! Foiled Again" and adds more fun cards and boards to the game. The main mechanic it adds in the new trap-like Curse cards that cause all sorts of mayhem.

This was not a large chunk of work right now, I just had to finally polish and set it up for sale, as the majority of the work was done months ago. The thing was that getting the website up and running for the RPG was taking up most of my time. The Land of Karn site is now live (www.landofkarn.com), although nothing is for sale related to it yet. The site has a TON more work being done to it that you can see.

I am trying to make the entire rulebook (including extra and optional information that is not going to be found in the print edition) available on the site to people who purchase the books (once they are out). But to do this I have to create and organize and reformat and even rewrite (in some cases) the information for the new form. It is being organized in a wiki style (although not a publicly editable wiki), so that you can link from all over the place through keywords. Just a lot of work.

So now I keep going on the site and look forward to the days when It will just have to be updated and maintained (as opposed to filled with tons of data). I also look forward to the further establishing of Lootin' Wizards towards the eventual print publication. In the mean time I keep myself busy with LoK related work. So much work.
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