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The Raft

The season was changing. The winds turning. Time was short. Four set sail on a makeshift raft in hopes of rescue. Feelings were high... Too bad it wasn't going to last, but at least these cute puffs can look hopeful forever. Sawyer reads the letters in the bottle. Jin steers them true. Walt looks at the beauty of the island behind them. Michael is saving his son. Hope lives. Enjoy

For this I took my basic Lost Puffs of Sawyer, Jin, Walt, and Michael (see Scraps) and altered them in clothing and colors as was needed to recreate this scene of them as they looked on the raft (it had been over a month on the island). The characters are all based on the cast of Lost, which is on ABC here in the states, and were done with complete respect to them and the creators of the show. This was all composed and created in FreeHand MX and cleaned up in Photoshop CS.
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powerpuff boys?, i like it!
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That is too cute!!!!! :heart:
S-w-a-i-n-y's avatar
They seem to be improving in quality. I await to see more scenes!
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Thank you. (both)

I also am noticing the evolution of the style. I am glad it's not going unnoticed. This is still in its infancy as styles go for me, since I only drew my first one of these a couple months ago. Now it's a matter of trying figure out where the line is between level of detail and simplicity balance out. Some of these Lost Puffs pushed the Detail side quite a bit. I am happy with how they are growing though. Can't wait to see where this takes me.

S-w-a-i-n-y's avatar
I think the puffs have reached the desired detail. You should concentrate on scenery and objects.
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i like it :)
love your style
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