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The Hatch

The Hatch was blown. A dark hole into the ground faced them. Three peered down into the darkness. Locke, Jack, and Kate Stared into the consuming depths of what lied beneath. A broken ladder. A long drop. Darkness. The Season ended. This was the shot I had to sit with until the new season of Lost began. It was burned into my mind. Now I have made it cute. Enjoy.

For this I took my basic Lost Puffs of Locke, Kate, and Jack(see Scraps) and altered them in clothing and colors as was needed to recreate this scene of them looking down into the now open hatch. The characters are all based on the cast of Lost, which is on ABC here in the states, and were done with complete respect to them and the creators of the show. This was all composed and created in FreeHand MX and cleaned up in Photoshop CS.
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HAHAHAHA!!! LOL, nice. = D
clochetteduvaux's avatar
they are soooo lovely ^^ :heart: :heart: :heart
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These are adorable, absolutely made my day : )
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haha, I love it! and it was burned into my mind aswell O.o
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I absolutely love this!!!!!
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Thank you for all the comments. I am glad you like them

macaque's avatar
This is hilarious. :lol:
I've just downloaded the first episode of the new season... gonna watch it tonight.
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Thanks a bunch. I love the show, and the start of season three was great... so much new information to absorb.
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you have a great gallery. Love the show 'Lost' and your take on it is hilarious.
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Thanks a ton. Glad you like what you saw here. I can't wait for next season of Lost and for more free time to make more Lost puffs.

S-w-a-i-n-y's avatar
Nice work on the shadows, i havent seen this part yet so i await to see it in the weeks to come!
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