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Strange Island, Impossible Survivors of Flight 815, Everyone has Secrets, even the Island, and there is some kind of Monster in the jungle out to get them all. This is Lost, the show I am currently obsessed with. This piece shows all the main 14 cast members of the First season as they appear in promotional pieces. From left to right (more or less) they are Locke, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Charlie, Walt, Michael, Jack, Kate, Shannon, Hurley, Claire, and Boone.

But anyway, I took my basic Lost Puffs (see Scraps) and created a promotional beach scene, like you would see advertising the show but not on the show. The characters are all based on the cast of Lost, which is on ABC here in the states, and were done with complete respect to them and the creators of the show. This was all composed and created in FreeHand MX and cleaned up in Photoshop CS.
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So cute! I love lost!
LOVE THEM <33 Were have you done them? ;o
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Haha! They're so cute. :D
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haha, what magnificant likenessess.
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I've never missed one episode and I always watch it when it come son and tape it, and I've made tons of art. Does that make me a loser? LOL I hope not.

Keep making more cute banners and art, I love them!
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OMG! That is adorable! I am soooo obsessed with Lost right now, and I love this banner.
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thank you. I am still obsessed with it after nearly 3 years... I just haven't had much time to get into drawing the stuff from Season 2 & 3 I have wanted yet.
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i love the so to their all so cute!
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Ah!!! So cute!!!!
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Great way of presentation. I also love the show. :)
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your the best yay
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you did it thanks your the best
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Thanks... I have a number of Lost scnees left in me I want to let out... (Just put up another one tonight)... but with all these Orca fans linking to me I may have to do a Puff Orca here soon. heh

S-w-a-i-n-y's avatar
That looks great, love the show.
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