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We put heads together and after some discussing and arguing we can announce the winners now! :la:

Special prize
I've picked by random one participant who gets a three month subscription. And it is MarzEz, congratulation!

Second place
A pencil sketch goes to Equitrax for his Draco-like character Equitrax made into papertoy. He did a great job with digital colouring and additional features like horns and tail. Extra points for bending his wings. So congratulation!
Papertoy Equitrax by Equitrax

Second place
As you can see we couldn't decide and pick only one dragon for a second place. So we have two second places! Another pencil sketch goes to Camspar for making her interesting and very complicated character Valspar into papertoy. All those membranes had to be difficult. Congrats to you too!
Paper Valspar by Camspar

First place
Attention, attention! Picking first place wasn't really that difficult. It is simply the most funny entry with a lot of effort into it. And honestly - I would look the same way if a ladybug land on my nose! So congratulation
Strecno, you are winning the set of my prints and other stuff!
Ugh, a bug by Strecno

Thank you all for your time and participating in this contest! It was a great pleasure to see all of these entries!


Hello, hello! Welcome in my first contest. Your task will be actually quite easy: Make this papertoy!

Dragon paper toy by Dragarta papertoy

How To Participate

1.) Colour this dragon papertoy (by using computer or print it and colour traditionaly) by your choice. Make your own colour variation, depending on someone's character, your favourite colours, whatever you want.
2.) Cut and glue it together according the manual.
3.) Put it on a nice place and take a photo of it.
4.) Upload it to dA and send me a link. Done!


1.) You can participate with up to 3 entries.
2.) Feel free to edit the template. For example add more and different horns or wings, change it's belly plates or facial expression. But the basic shape of the body must stay the same.
3.) Photo of your papertoy must be at least 800x600 px big.
4.) All entries must be signed here before 19.7.2011.

The prizes

First place will get a set of my prints and buttons, as shown below plus two laminated bookmarks, maybe even more buttons.
. Or we can discuss about different prints if you wish. Shipping worldwide included of course!

prizes Bookmark - Red panda by Dragarta Bookmark - Snow leopard by Dragarta

Second place will get a pencil sketch of his/her character.

+ One randomly chosen participant will get a three month subscription. So there is a chance for everyone!


Me (surprise!) and CiSheep will be judging your papertoys. Visual attractiveness, originality, humorousness ... everything counts! But there have to be at least 8 participants, other way the prizes will stay with me for another contest.

So please tell your friends, spread the word in your journal if you can. Thank you!


Dragon Papertoy Contest by Vampire-dragon by :iconvampire-dragon:
Dragon paper toy by BlackPeaVelvet by :iconblackpeavelvet:
Paper CybreDrygn by cybre by :iconcybre:
Dragon paper toy 001 by ShiroiNoRyu by :iconshiroinoryu:
the golden paper toy dragon by Strecno by :iconstrecno:
Ugh, a bug by Strecno by :iconstrecno:
My little frustration by BlueRavenfire by :iconblueravenfire:
Paper toy contest entry by Samantha-dragon by :iconsamantha-dragon:
the flower dragon by tawneyeyes by :icontawneyeyes:
Dragon Paper Toy Contest by Synthrid Dragon Paper Toy Contest by Synthrid by :iconsynthrid:
Paper Valspar by Camspar by :iconcamspar:
Chazore Paper Toy by Hyena27 by :iconhyena27:
Papertoy Equitrax by Equitrax Brothers by Equitrax by :iconequitrax:
Paper Dragon by LaurasMuse Paper Dragon 2 by LaurasMuse by :iconlaurasmuse:
Dragon Papertoy by MarzEz by :iconmarzez:

Great job everyone!

© 2011 - 2021 Dragarta
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Lelixiana's avatar
I love the golden one by Strecno! :3
Strecno's avatar
I can’t believe that I win the contest! :D Thank you! :thanks:
And well deserved second places!
But all the others did a great job too. It’s a mixed bag of different kinds of dragons although they have the same basic. Great ^^
Dragarta's avatar
No problem, you deserve it :nod:
Camspar's avatar
Congratulations to all of the winners, especially to first place who definitely deserved it!
And thank you Dragarta for holding this contest. (:
Dragarta's avatar
Haha no prob, it was fun :)
Camspar's avatar
Glad that you had fun drawing her. ^^
Equitrax's avatar
Congrats Strecno, well deserved first place !
And thank for the second place :-)
Dragarta's avatar
You're welcome :)
MarzEz's avatar
A well deserved first place!
Congratulations to those that placed second, as well.
There are some amazing entries, and it has been wonderful looking through them all. :)
TheIndocileApostle's avatar
Congratulation to the winners and great job on all the entries. ^^
I didn't make the deadline but I did color (and half build so far) your template. I totally underestimated the amount of time I needed, I put 10 hours in yesterday thinking I could do it in a day and when 11:30pm rolled around...
You should adjust your template to accommodate a mane XD
I might have made mine a bit too long but it made the back Really difficult and I accidentally sealed up the horn slits.
By the way, this is only my second attempt at papercraft and I'm lacking some proper tools but it's coming out okay so far and I'm having a lot of fun. ^^
Spoiler Alert =P
Its a red dragon with magma looking legs, a flaming mohawk/mane, and fire at the tip of the tail too.
Dragarta's avatar
Sounds good, don't forget to show me once it's finished :D
Ayoshen's avatar
PFFFFFFFFFF the first place is brilliant. Well deserved! Congrats to all!
Hyena27's avatar
Congrats to all the winners!!!!
MarzEz's avatar
Hopefully I'm not too late. [link]
I got a bit worried when I saw "Only a few hours left"!
I must admit, it's quite nice to do some colouring and papercraft every once in a while. I really enjoyed making your dragon.
Dragarta's avatar
No problem. Thx for your entry!
LunaticSqirrel's avatar
aww. If only I could have color printer... :iconlatantrumplz:
Dragarta's avatar
You could print only black lines and colour it with pencils or markers :)
LunaticSqirrel's avatar
I printed it, but I fail with pencils... and it's already late, I suppose?
Dragarta's avatar
I don't mind if you post it in a few hours.
LunaticSqirrel's avatar
sorry... won't make it today :( I tried pencils and oil pastels and both failed :icongiveupplz:
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