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Uvodka-kupon-en by Dragarta

Don't have your Dragon Calendar yet?

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Dragon calendar: DRAGONS 2019 by Dragarta

Dragon Calendar: DRAGONS 2019 is a collection of fantasy illustrations with dragons from 13 authors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is a portrait-oriented wall calendar of A3 size (297 × 420 mm) with 14 pages, professionally digitally printed and binded. In addition to the epic front page and 12 pages with the months of 2019, you will also get a bonus page with a creative surprise (: And of course this calendar is completely in English! I you prefer Czech, you can order yours here instead.

Order your new calendar in our e-shop It costs only 10 EUR + shipping. 
If you have any problem with ordering (you should use the Google translate button in the upper left corner to switch to your language), please contact me at and I will be happy to help you (:

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The selected authors of this year are:

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October 8, 2018


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