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Hello guys!

Some of you probably know that I am running the :iconaceofursxchange: group here on DeviantArt. This group is for artists interested in trading original ACEO/ATC cards with all kind of animals and anthros. Group's history is very long, we've started trading in November 2006 through Livejournal and since the time we've connected many artists from all around the world!

Here you can read more about this group and how our trades work: HOW THE GROUP WORKS | F.A.Q. | IMPORTANT DATES

Unfortunately from time to time I have problems with pairing new couples for our trades. It's mainly because some of our fantastic members have participated so many times that it's problematic to find someone new for them. It would be great to add some new souls or encourage older members to participate again. If you find this group and trading ACEOs interesting, feel free to hit the Join button to take a part (: But please keep in mind that our group has a quality control so we will review your art skills and let you know in a few days (take a look at our gallery to get a better idea).

It would be also great if you could spread a word about our ACEOfursXchange group or tell your friends.  

Thank you for your help!
Hey guys!
If you prefer to browse my new artworks and WIPs on Instagram, please follow my page @artofdragarta ! I finally started to use my account 

Instagram-promo by Dragarta…

Or like my Facebook page, which is also more active than this Deviantart.
Visit my e-shop and enjoy:

Blackfriday-fb-dragarta by Dragarta

Visit my e-shop and enjoy:
Uvodka-kupon-en by Dragarta

Don't have your Dragon Calendar yet?

We are already preparing a reprint and as a small thank you, you can order it now even with a 10% discount! Simply visit our e-shop  and enter a coupon: dragarta2019

Thanks a lot for your support and sharing! This discount is valid only until 10th October 2018

Dragon calendar: DRAGONS 2019 by Dragarta

Dragon Calendar: DRAGONS 2019 is a collection of fantasy illustrations with dragons from 13 authors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is a portrait-oriented wall calendar of A3 size (297 × 420 mm) with 14 pages, professionally digitally printed and binded. In addition to the epic front page and 12 pages with the months of 2019, you will also get a bonus page with a creative surprise (: And of course this calendar is completely in English! I you prefer Czech, you can order yours here instead.

Order your new calendar in our e-shop It costs only 10 EUR + shipping. 
If you have any problem with ordering (you should use the Google translate button in the upper left corner to switch to your language), please contact me at and I will be happy to help you (:

Go to to subscribe to the newsletter or like our Facebook page so you won't miss anything new about this project!

The selected authors of this year are:

Hello, long time no see!

Just letting you know, that you can meet me at the Eurofurence 24 in Berlin! It's my first time attending this con, so I've been panicking for a few days and I'm not even ready with my preparations because yesterday, after its best performance, my printer just blew up :D

Mapka by Dragarta

If we don't get lost in that giant hotel, you will find me at Dealer's Den, where I will be selling Dragon Calendars, lots of prints, buttons and some originals. Stop by if you happen to be there! I will be propably quite shy and nervous, but I will try not to be hidden under the table all the time :D

Jumping on the bandwagon!

Blackfriday by Dragarta
I think my ACEO collection is still too small and making cards is still so much fun! Is there anyone who would like to arrange an ACEO trade with me? (: If you are interested, please read the rules below. To join simply write a comment with a link to your character or animal and add some hint about mood or background. If there will be too many interested artists, I will pick only a few whose style or character I like the most. Those will be notified via reply to their comment.

Bullet; Yellow Rules:

  • This is a special yellow round which means I will pick only those characters which have something yellow on them. And I am affraid that having such eyes is not enough to join - simply wait until I open another special round with more suitable color.
  • Your character may be of any kind of animal - usual, mythological, fantasy etc.
  • You should be willing to draw/paint one of my maine coon cats. If it's problematic, you can draw my character Dragarta instead, but I prefer collecting cards with my pets. I will send you more info about them, if we agree on a trade.
  • You can join only if I don't have a card from you yet or if it's been a long time ago.
  • You must be willing to exchange originals via post. Other way it's no fun!
  • Be sure you have the time and mood for this trade. I will wait for about two months for your part. If you won't finish it until then and you won't be even communicating with me properly, I can do whatever I want with my part of the trade.
You can see WIPs of this project on my :facebook: Facebook page

So, who's interested? (: I am accepting trades with: HunterTarata, Iagal, SilveryNova, GingerAdy, Lyfesa

Bullet; Orange ACEOs from the orange round:

ACEO for Ashkey by Dragarta  ACEO for Awaicu by Dragarta  ACEO for Vlcek by Dragarta  ACEO for Wild-n-wintery by Dragarta

 ACEOs from the blue round:

ACEO for Ember Eyes by Dragarta  ACEO for Exi by Dragarta  ACEO for Rasha by Dragarta  ACEO for Suane by Dragarta  ACEO for TwilitTiger by Dragarta  ACEO for DreamBurst by Dragarta

Bullet; Green ACEOs from the green round:

ACEO for LaKuolema by Dragarta  ACEO for Kamakru by Dragarta  ACEO for Vashley by Dragarta  ACEOs - Green round by Dragarta
Yes! My husbandand I did not have a proper vacation for quite long so this year we will do it in great style :-D I always wanted to visit large cities of the USA and in a few days it will finally happen! Since we live in the Czech Republic, quite a long flight is waiting for us (more then 10 long hours). Despite the agonizing headache that awaits me due to pressure changing, I love airplanes and can't wait for my first longer flight in bigger plane (:

We will be in New York from 2nd to 11th June, in Philadelphia from 12th to 13th and in Washington D.C. from 14th to 17th.

Anyone who'd like to meet in New York or Washington D.C.?

For a coffee or visit some art store together? Share some tips on interesting places to visit and test our english? :-D Drop me a note if interested! I am a shy person so I prefer people I know at least a little bit online :>

Any tips on local art stores?

In every country I visit I must explore some art stores too! Do you have any favourite in NYC or DC? I am totally buying a big set of Prismacolor pencils there, some Shrinky Dinks and probably more. Since shipping from the USA is really expensive, I am thinking about some local art supplies I can't buy elsewhere personally. Any tips? (:

If there's anything special/interesting in these cities you'd like to mention, go ahead and comment! I will be really glad to hear your experinces (:

Have a great summer!

And btw sorry I am not so active here anymore. For more frequent updates, comments and competitions you can visit my Facebook page. Every like is appreciated (:

10 years on DeviantArt

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 30, 2015, 2:35 AM

Time flies ... it has been 10 years since I joined DeviantArt. I was only 17, going to high school and drawing every day. Since then a lot has changed, both in my life and on DeviantArt. I still like this place and do not plan to stop making art, so hopefuly I will stay active for several more years!

Thank you for your support and watching my art! : )

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 17, 2015, 2:33 AM

Better later than never!

  • How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    I am a member since Oct 30, 2005. So almost 10 years now!
  • What does your username mean?
    My name was created by combining two hobbies of mine - Dragons (DRAGon) and drawing (ARTist). I do not consider myself being a dragon artist only but I still like it :3
  • Describe yourself in three words.
    Quietly observing creator
  • Are you left or right handed?
    Right handed.
  • What was your first deviation?
    Dragon Vengeance by Dragarta
  • What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Traditionally drawn artworks involving fantasy or real animals in their natural environment.
  • If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Probably the skill to be able to quickly and originally stylize anything.
  • What was your first favourite?
    Offering by Culhain
  • What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Traditionally created fantasy/animal art.
  • Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    :iconcryslara: :iconnambroth: :iconrah-bop: :icondrakhenliche: :iconmirroreyesserval: and much more!
  • If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    Anyone friendly who'd love to talk with me about their art, creative process and favourite art materials : )
  • How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    No one particular, but a lot of them are my everyday inspiration.
  • What are your preferred tools to create art?
    Mostly colour pencils, markers, pencil and I am trying to learn digital painting lately.
  • What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    I create almost everything at home in our workroom where I have my large desk, computer and all necessary materials. But for me it depends more on the mood than on the place.
  • What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    I like to remember old April Fool's pranks and every change in dA design, new functions (I <3 new logo and can't wait for new design! ). And of course getting Daily Deviations made me super happy too!


Life goes on

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 21, 2015, 1:20 AM

My last journal was very sad. I am grateful to everyone who wrote kind words there or even share their stories. Thank you! 

Few weeks later we decided that life must go on and we could fill that empty space. So in May we adopted Corwin's younger brother, Indy! His original name was Harrison, which reminded us of Harrison Ford and obviously Indiana Jones : ) He is a born adventurer!

He is about 4 months old now, very cuddly, sociable and always meowing. Just like Corwin was.

More photos of Indy and Kraken

Life is not fair

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2015, 5:05 AM

On Saturday morning our silver sweetheart, the most adorable kitten in the world, unexpectedly left us.

1234489 10152997585188405 4393551350388834161 N by Dragarta

Corwin was only one year old, full of life and joy without any symptoms of disease. And suddenly he began twitching himself horribly and within few seconds he lay breathless. We did our best to help him but it was unavoidable. I can not get rid of the memory of the last moments of his life and such an enormous helplessness. I hope we gave him a nice home and he could enjoy his very short life. I am really glad we still have our older boy Kraken, he is helping us a lot in this sad time. But just like every pet, Corwin was unique and I feel that it will never be like before.

We were told that Corwin's heart was too small and it suddenly failed. But I know that his heart was huge, he loved us and we loved him. We will never forget... :bademoticon: 

Whoa, another journal update!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 5:23 AM

Hello everyone! Time flies and it's few months since last update. I was quite busy with preparations of our new dragon calendar. I made completely new design and now it's more comfortable for English-speaking people as well. We still have some left, if you're interested!

Dragon calendar 2015, now 25% discount! by Dragarta

This summer we were on vacation in Tunisia, and after ten years I saw the sea again!  We were at the beautifully clean beach with clear blue sea, but the most epic part of this vacation was our two-day trip to Sahara. It was a truly memorable experience.


We also made some progress in our flat, this time mostly in the kitchen and living room. I got an interesting job offer so I quit at my current job. Now I have few days off and will start working in new place this Monday. New work, new people, new habits ... that's always very stressful for me.

Is that time of the year again?

Once again there is time to get some nice gifts and prepare for Christmas! Obviously I was a good girl this year, cause I already got my biggest gift - Cintiq 13HD! I was thinking about getting Cintiq for years and now my wish came true, thanks to my Dear! I always had troubles using classic tablet, drawing on a tablet and simultaneously watching monitor. If you have similar problems, this thing is perfect solution for you : )

Me and my husband will be spending our first Christmas together this year. So far (8 years!) we spent them separately, each with his family. and Kraken travelled with my husband to his parent's. But now we have two cats, which cannot move so easily, and a new home, so I guess it's the right time for a change! So far it looks that this year I will have more time for cooking and baking some sweets, decorating our home and walks though Christmas Prague. Hopefuly this time there will be also some snow, it's kinda sad without it. 

OK, and what about new pictures?

Well, I am practising with digital art right now, so you can expect some artworks! It almost seems like the rule that every autumn / winter I am more in artistic mood then usual. But it could be easily replaced with urge to do graphic design, so let's make some pictures until it's time! : D

A little bit of news

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 3:29 AM

Hello everyone! As usual I do not have enough time for more frequent journals.  So at least once in a few months there is some recap for the few remaining readers : )

Firstly one unpleasant surprise. Our beloved cat Kraken went to a regular vet check and some strange looking bulge was found in his mouth. It scared us a lot, there was a big chance that it could be a tumor. He had to be put a sleep and go to a biopsy. Kraken was stressed out a lot from this so in return our vet experienced some hard times with Kraken (Maine Coon, y'know : ). After one week of waiting for results our worst fears were thankfully disproved. That bulge was removed and he is completely healthy now : ) He could even quickly forget about this bad experience cause we brought him a new companion. His name is Corwin and he is very sociable and talkative Maine Coon. See for yourself what a great pair they make! What a boring place would be our home without cats.

Talking about our home, we worked hard  in our flat last months. We finished painting walls in bathroom, kitchen and living room (red, yay!), bought new furniture and appliances. We also designed work tables and other furniture for our study room and my awesome dad produced it all. So now we have everything important finished and the rest must wait untill we win a lottery or something like that : D

Thank you!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 11:01 AM

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes, you are great! : ) I am sorry I am not much active. Moving went quite smoothly but there is still sooo many things we need to do or buy. Our living is very provisory so far, we don't have much furniture, even not a bed XD Despite everything, it's a great time. I love our new flat, it's much bigger and nicer than our last one and what's the best - it's completely ours! We want to make everything to our 100% liking so busy times are ahead! I feel more like an interior designer now, lol.

I will try to get back to my creative Mondays and finish some ACEO trades tomorrow. But first I have to find my coloured pencils and Copics somewhere in our many boxes : D


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 7:43 AM

I just wanted to let you know that we're moving to a new apartment tomorrow. These days are terribly hectic for me. We're living among boxes and all the packing and cleaning has no end. I am so tired I barely move my legs x.x Luckily this madness will end tomorrow and I will have enough time for unpacking things slowly. I am not sure how long it will take to set up all the stuff for normal living, so please be patient with me, if you're waiting for a commission or mail from me. Thank you!

Joined Storenvy and Weasyl!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 15, 2014, 11:59 AM

This took me a while but I finally set up a store at Storenvy : ) You can find there a lot of originals, various prints, buttons and other products for sale. Take a look!

Visit my store on Storenvy

Few months ago I also joined Weasyl, feel free to follow me if you have an account. Let's see if the site will do well. I am a bit affraid that it will end just like Nabyn, which lost my interest quite quickly : ( Anyway, here's my gallery.

Dragon calendars at a discount!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 23, 2014, 2:32 AM

We are selling few last pieces of our Dragon calendar, now with 25% discount and you can even get free ACEO sketch by me : ) Order via and let me know, what I should sketch for you.

Dragon calendar 2014 - now at a discount! by Dragarta

ACEO trade anyone? Special orange round!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 9, 2014, 2:15 AM

I decided to fight with my long-lasting art inactivity and loss of artistic mood. So from now on, every week I will have one creative day, probably Monday. On such a day I am not going to work and I am home alone, so I could spend several hours drawing. It may be a little bit under pressure, but I feel this could be exactly what I need at the moment. Let's se how it goes, starting slowly. So the question is: Is there anyone who would like to do an ACEO trade with me? :] If you do, simply comment to this journal with a link to your character and preferred mood/theme/environment. But there also some rules: 

  • This is a special orange round which means I will pick only those characters, which have something orange on them. And I am affraid that having orange eyes is not enough to join - simply wait until I open another special round with more suitable color :]
  • Your character may be any creature from our world or the world of fantasy and mythology.
  • You should be willing to draw/paint (surprise!) my cat Kraken. If it's problematic, you can draw my character Dragarta instead, but I'd rather collect cards with Kraken now. I will send you more info via note, if we agree on a trade.
  • You must be willing to exchange originals via post. Other way it's no fun! :]
  • Be sure you have the time and mood for this trade. I will wait for two months for your part. If you won't finish it until then and you won't be even communicating with me properly, I can do whatever I want with my part of the trade. And I also won't send out my card via post before receiving your part. I am sorry about this, but I already have a few bad experiences.
  • I can't accept everyone. If there will be more interested artists, I will pick only a few I like the most. Those will be notified via reply to their comment.

:facebook: You can see WIPs of this project on my Facebook page

So, who's interested?:] I am accepting trades with: Vlcek gaerda ashkey awaicu wild-n-wintery

ACEOs from the blue round:

ACEO for Ember Eyes by Dragarta  ACEO for Exi by Dragarta  ACEO for Rasha by Dragarta  ACEO for Suane by Dragarta  ACEO for TwilitTiger by Dragarta  ACEO for DreamBurst by Dragarta

ACEOs from the green round:

Onwards to 2014

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 7:06 AM

The year 2013 is behind us and there is again the right time for a little recap. What the previous year brought to you?

Mine followed up the events, which began to take a shape by the end of 2012. In February, I started a new job and now, after almost a year I can say that I am happy there and I really enjoy this work. At the same time I also started freelancing, but unfortunately I didn't have much time for it. Because for more than half a year we planned and organized our wedding, which took place in July : ) In the autumn we finally launched my personal website and started looking for a new apartment.

Now I know that the next year will be full of big events as well. My husband will start working for the same company as a programmer (in a different department than I) and I hope he will like it there just like I do. We also decided to buy our first own apartment, so there will be a lot of work with moving and furnishing. We won't get bored for sure : )

I Hope that next year will be even better than the previous one, for all of you! Thank you for your kind support!

And btw...

  • I've successfully accomplished my resolution from last year and did not buy any new art supplies for the whole year! It's good that I got used to it, because due to planned expenditure in the new year I'll have to quit cumulating these toys anyway XD
  • I finally managed to make my DeviantART page prettier! Yay for new journal skin (thanks to my husband) and widgets on my profile : D Now let's do something with that old look of my Facebook page...