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Window to a better world

Long expected commission for one Slovak Dragon. Maybe my most detailed pencil drawing ever... because of its A3 size too.
Well, I hope you´ll enjoy this pic because now I haven´t got so much time to draw :/

Mi first picture with sea egh :XD:
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OMG. That water. It's amazing.
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So realistic. Wow. I love it.
Can I use this picture for Facebook as background?
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Well, since it's a commission, you better shouldn't use it. But noone will hunt you for that I guess :D Just be sure to add author.
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nice shading, must of taken some time this one
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Yeah, it took a while :D Thank you!
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What I wouldn't give to be able to draw dragons like you. :)
My drawings are just child's-play compaired to you! XD
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It's just about the practise :)
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Amazing work there! Reminds me a little of something out of the Temeraire-books!
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I am truely amazed by you art its brilant
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you are so welcome wish I could do art like yours
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It's awesome <3
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It's so beautyfull!!!!! I just love the way you draw dragons! What else can I say, I'm speachless!
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Thank you so much! :)
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I want to climb through that window and be that guy XD
Amazing, just amazing, again ...
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Another great detailed work. Wow. This is truly amazing.
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