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First hunt

By Dragarta
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This picture is my contribution for our new dragon calendar - 2014 (December). Winter scene with two young brothers predators on their first hunt. I was looking at quite a lot different references while drawing this. This pic took me tens of long hours and it was quite a battle for me, enjoying only some parts of the picture. It's a bit sad that I am able to make only about one bigger picture per year, usually for the calendar. I guess I lost my motivation to draw or something. Oh well, I have to work on that! Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it at least a bit! :]
Polychromos pencils, colorless blender, pencil.


 First adventure by Dragarta First flight by Dragarta

Original is now FOR SALE and I also offer small and large prints.

:facebook: You can see some WIPs of this picture on my Facebook page
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OH MY GAWD!!!! How the hell do you get this to look so...... I am speechless. I can not describe this in words. And I thought that WindSpirit Aqaurious was a good artist. But your art is soooooooooooooooo- how do you do it?? What pencils do you use?? Crayolla??!!
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Haha, thank you so much! For this picture I used Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils :)
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Ooooh! I'm getting third pencils in the mail. I found them out thanks to WindSpirit Aqueous. Her art is beautiful too. But your art by far is the best I have ever seen!
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Wonderful wintry landscape and a great dinamic scene. Deserved DD!
Love the dragon's color scheme, and their wings membrane pattern: look fantastic but natural; the tan and copper tones contrast nicely with the sky and snow colder white and blues.
It were woth the ten hours and more!
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Thank you so much! I was thinking a lot about these colours and I am glad it looks like you mentioned! :D
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I love this dragon scene!!! this is wonderful!! dragons are awesome!
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Glad you like it :D
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thanks. what kind of dragon is it? deadly nadder? night fury?
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Nothing like that :)
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okay...then what kind of dragon is it?
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Simply a western dragon, nothing special :)
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cool! I love dragons as much as I love horses!
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Brilliant!! Amazing work!
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HEY!!! 2 on one isn't fair! that's about as bad as going against a dra- oh wait.
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This is much detail and movement, and all in pencil too!  Stunning work, congratulations on a very well deserved DD!  :clap:
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Thank you so much!
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You're very welcome!  :)
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