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Elements - Earth Dragon

Uploaded much better scan!

Guard of forest
- characteristic colour - green, complementary - brown
- smallest wings, decorated with foliage and covered with solid bark
- excellent in defence

Original is now FOR SALE and I also offer postcards and small prints.
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hey someone is using your art without crediting you!…
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Thx for letting me know!
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Hey im sorry about bringing this up again but.. thenoteofthedeath.deviantart.c… Please look
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i figured you would want to know, ive been letting a lot of people know.
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I think that out of the other elements, this is your best one! Dont get me wrong, the others are amazing as well, but this one is just so stunning!
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This one is my favourite too :) Thx!
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this is so amazingly incredible just beautyful its so Epic
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Heh, thank you :D
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iTs awsome how you do art
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OMG this is incredible!
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omfg its so oooool
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Beatifull dragon. :3
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this is a fine portrait of a Dragon, I like the close line detail the most, plus the pose shows off its figure
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oh my gosh these elements dragons look so amassing.there igzactly what i wish i could make my ellaments dragons look like.there so cool and so totaly beautiful.your amassing.these would so be perfect for my elamental dragon story.
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Thank you very much :)
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Again, Awesome!!
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Of all four of your elemental dragons, this one is by far the best. I think you did a wonderful job on making it look and feel like an earth dragon. The others were good as well but this one displays its characteristics better than the rest and its pose and posture speak of it to be a proud and strong dragon. Good job,
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