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January 21, 2011
Cat by =Dragarta =litttle-princess says, "I saw this picture a while ago and I admit it! = Dragarta got me. I thought it was real. The way she made the cat's eyes, light and shadow effect.. everything is perfect, and honestly I think this drawing looks more real than the reference she used to do it, no kidding." I have to agree. At first I thought it was a photo but soon realized it was quite a detailed traditional art!
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Yay for original titles! So, I wanted to draw something different and practise drawing realistic animals. I've found one really beatiful photo and deciced to dedicate it to my grandparents because they have beautiful white cat too. And another thing - this was my first try with Prismacolor pencils and I must say they are really great!

Prismacolor pencils on black paper, about 8 hours of work

Reference picture -… by :iconeyadness:
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Such a sublime image...


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thanks for the complement your art is awesome 
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Holy Moly Mother of God. This is so stunning and beautiful. It amazes me so much how talented some people (e.q. you) are. This is awesome!
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Thank you so much!
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Wow! Amazing! This must of taken ages, I especially love the detail in the eye, great draw!
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Indeed wow! Such great detailing... Why not do a series of such wonderful drawings? Please do... 
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Thank you! I do not plan more b&w drawings like this, but probably I will make more pet portraits like this… in the future :)
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That would be indeed welcome!
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cries digs a hole and dies in it knowing ill never be so awesome to make something so realistic
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There are many different paths you can go, not just realistic drawing (: 
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Woooooaaahhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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* cries in corner because never will be as good*
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Oh c'mmon, you can't say such things!
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Woah! Loved the sparkling eyes of the cat!
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truly amazing art :)
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