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Badge for Kitty

Experimental badge commission for *MetalDragoness with her violet dragoness character. I wanted to make my first badge a bit untypical so I was playing with the string and beads a bit. Original was drawn with violet ink, copic markers and a bit of coloured pencils. This one is laminated approx. A6 print with wax string. Fun fun.
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What a cool idea for a badge!
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OMG this is beautiful! Brilliant idea, too! Mind if I copy you, having a character bite the necklance? (I wouldn't without permission, of course) Amazing work!
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I don't mind, but it would be great if I could get some credit :) Thx!
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I defenitely would! Thanks so much!
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Very Clever, I like this idea!
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omg i want one!!
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dá se obrázek namalovaný copicy zalaminovat? nebo by se nějak poškodil? O.o (já jen že tu máš že to je výtisk)
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Myslim, ze kazdy obrazek se da zalaminovat, ale uz z nej to lamino nikdy nedostanes aniz by se poskodil. Me prijde docela skoda laminovat original, kdyz se ti muze treba zmuchlat v laminovacce nebo zmenit barvy.
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Chápu, díky za vysvětlení. :)
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Very cool design! :D Love how the string is held!
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good job with the string material. It looks rally good!
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Tohle jejedna z tvých nejhezčích, krása.:)
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Ohh,that nomming and holding the string is pretty cool :D
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It looks well, and different I have to say, the way the string running through the piece speaks that. The other use of objects as the beads and the word "kitty" used that I see at the bottom looks like nice and makes the dragoness seem more cute. I like purple myself it is a nice stand against the wood grain table, and nice work. :) :thumbsup:
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