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Draco in Leather Pants Meme .:Blank:.



For those who don't know what a Draco in Leather Pants (DILP) is, go here--->


For those too lazy to use the link, it's basically when a villainous, or at least anti-heroic, character is "fixed" or "excused" by thier fans to the point of non-villainy and Mary Sue/Gary Stu-ism due to fan logic that "they can't be truly evil because they did this, or this happened to them, etc." They are often "fixed" through application of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu OC and are also often made more attractive, physically and/or emotionally.

Basically, if you've ever DILP'd a character, show it off here. LOL Draw how the creator originally intended the character to be interpreted in the "What I Should See" box and how you interperet them in the "What I Actually See" box. You can also use this meme to make fun of commonly DILP'd characters and their usual fan interpretation. :3

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Is there like a reverse version of this meme? Cause I have way too many villains on the good side. (Even though they aren't meant to be)