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Black Dragon


So this is something for my novel idea I told y'all about in my journal. Yes, it is about dragons. Technically, dragon riders (Yeah, I know, so original. XD). The black dragon is one of the most revered dragon species, right next to the white dragon. The only dragons above them are gold and silver.

I really like how the dragon turned out. At first, the feet were a pain, but I finally managed to make them look really good (I only managed it by using one of :iconneondragon:'s pics as a reference. XD). Especially those huge back feet. LOL I love those huge feet. X3 Those are some of my best wings too. I love how sparkly he is. LOL He actually kinda reminded me of space.

I was going to add more information on the ref, but I didn't feel like it, so the info goes here. Ahem.

These dragons are bioluminescent, in case you can't tell by the glowing markings. The markings naturally glow at night and in dark places, but can be controlled at will to be dimmed or brightened. When not glowing, they fade to a gray similar to the underside and wings. Common marking locations are the legs, torso, tail tip, and face. The wings always have glowing markings on the outside and the whiskers are tipped with bulbs that glow.

They most often glow white, but other colors have been recorded. Those colors include purple, blue, green, and cyan. They are always a VERY light shade, extremely close to white.

The body color is always a black color, but may be tinted with colors including purple, blue, and cyan. It is always EXTREMELY dark.

The eyes are slitted pupils and eye color varies by individual.

Males grow elongated chins as they age, but females retain their small chins.

These dragons breathe blue fire, which burns hotter than normal fire and gives off a spooky glow. It can be controlled to the point of whether or not it actually gives off heat and can be used to protect against normal fire.

The horns vary in size, number, and shape. There is always at least one pair that stems from the eye ridges that have scales on them. The whiskers also vary in number and length. Females usually do not grow whiskers, but it is not unheard of.

The tail is usually tipped with a diamond, but genetic variation has produced spades and spikes. The elbows and knees may also have spikes that very by individual.

They have large plate scales on their backs, shoulders, forelegs, hips, cheeks, and on one set of horns stemming from the eye ridges. Patterns may vary slightly by individual. Otherwise, their body is covered in small scales, excluding their vulnerable areas: the underside, a small patch around the eyes, and the inside of the ears.

They are very large, with hatchlings being the size of a young horse. They eventually grow to be around twenty-three feet long.

My dragon species include-
Gold-Ridden only by the king
Silver-Ridden only by the queen
Black-Ridden only by High Knights
White-Ridden only by High Knights
Blue-Ridden only by holy people (healers, priests, etc.)
Red-Ridden only by knights
Green-Ridden only by knights
Brown-Ridden only by those under the rank of knight

So yeah, what kind of dragon you ride determines your rank. Of course, not everyone rides a dragon. It all depends on whether or not a dragon Chooses you.

I'm really not sure whether I should open this species or not. Do you guys think I should?

Paper Texture I Used For The Background--->

Paper Texture (C) :iconbab-jane:
Black Dragons, Art (C) Me
Remember: Art thieves make Dragara angry; do it, and face her Dragon wrath!
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OMG this is gorgeous please tell me what program u used?
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Love the wings!!
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Beautiful! I like the glowing on his body, it's so well done!^^
I'm still don't know how to make glowing effects:D
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Thanks. <3

It's easy if you use a program with layers. Just make a copy of what you want to glow, blur it (Gaussian blur is great) and lower the opacity. :3
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Ooo, i see now!^^ Thank you, i will try it! :aww:
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... Reminds me a little of the Dragonriders of Pern series, not by the idea, but by the colors... Only, in the series, it was a golden queen... Also, there were no silver, red, or black dragons... Their colors were gold, bronze, brown, blue, and green. Golds were only flown by a bronze(maybe a brown, but not often), and greens were the only other females(green=sterile, gold=hatchlings)
Still AWESOMELY cool; I want one! XD
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I've heard of that series. I've read an excerpt from one of the books, since it was in our literature book in the seventh grade. I really liked it...

And yeah, I knew a good bit of that and hoped my story wasn't too close. I know my story isn't about dragons created from fire lizards to protect a colony from... What was it called... Seeds or something that the dragonfire burned... XD Not even sure if all that was right.

Thanks! Me too! LOL
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Its called thread. Its a non-think organism that kills/eats everything organic that it touches... And it gets bigger the longer it isn't found...
Luckily, a pass(when thread is around)is only 50 years, and an nterval(when it isn't) is 200.:) And yeah, dragons burned it with a sort of rock called, firestone. It makes them breathe the fire.
:lol::megaphone: I WANT ONE!!!! XD
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My bad. ^^;

A dragon or a firestone? XD
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A dragon, firestone has a habit of exploding when coming n contact with water or mositure in general.:meow:
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i know XD "paint it black" is just the title of a cool song that that i am hearing right now...XD
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