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There is so more to my gallery than just the front page!


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My most favorite pics af all time! The people who do these pics are awesome and amazing, and you should look at their art as well!



Dragara has started a donation pool!
71 / 100,000
No, I don't hope to get 100000 points. I just put it that high because I can. LOL Right now, points given to me go towards purchasing adoptables and occassional donations, although I might find another use for them someday. Thank you in advance! <3

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Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 1:57 PM

So... Yeah... I've mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth for nearing a year now. I'm really sorry if I scared anyone. But hey, I'm back now, hopefully not about to leave again anytime soon! I must say it actually feels pretty nice to be back. :3

Anyway, I have some business to attend to. First, I'll explain why I was gone. *Ahem*

Waaaaay back in August, I was starting to feel like it might be good for my art to take a short break from DA. And with my last band camp approaching (I graduated high school the beginning of this month. I'm so old. LOL), I decided to take my unannounced break then. But after a few days, I realized that I had left in the middle of some important events, such as an adoption at :iconshinlaicommunity:. I was so ashamed of myself that I simply couldn't bear to show my idiotic face here again. That, coupled with my extreme procrastination problem, led to my break going from the originally intended week or two, to a month, to several months, to my entire senior year. :/ So like I said, I apologize sincerely to anyone I might have scared into thinking I had died and also to the members and fellow admins of :iconshinlaicommunity: for so irresponsibly shirking my duties and embarassing myself and the group yet again.

But something else I have to confess is that that break did not help me recover my muse at all. In fact, it did quite the opposite. I finished hardly any art at all over this past year. I also seem to have lost a good bit of my proficiency for digital art. I can't even draw properly on a tablet anymore... TT^TT And just a few months before I go off to college to study art, when I should be at my best, too. But I'm really hoping that returning to DA will help me regain what I lost. And I also really hope I'll be able to finish up all those prizes and trades that I owe you guys... *Hangs head in shame*

However, on a more positive note: I was honestly kinda surprised when I logged on today. 13,000+ messages. Of course, most all of it was journals and deviations, but still. I did have over 60 new watchers, and I have 196 comments to clean through, so I am happy to see that I wasn't completely forgotten during my absence. (Thank you so much to everyone who wished me happy birthday! :hug: I feel bad that I missed it, and I'm pretty sure I've missed all of my friends' birthdays, too... I'm sorry. :c) I must say I'm angry at myself for (among other things previously mentioned) pretty much wasting my subscription. :/ That's thirty bucks down the drain. Oh well.

Back to the subject of art. I actually have quite a bit of money saved up and can't wait to see what I get student discounts on art-wise (all art students, no matter what college, get student discounts on artsy things, right...? Right? :'D I really hope I am.). Maybe I'll get Adobe PhotoShop CS(whatever) or a nice, big, shiny Cintiq this year! :D Maybe on the Cintiq I'll be able to draw digitally again, since I can still draw traditionally. XD

Alright, so that's all I can think of to say for now. Here's to hopefully staying quite awhile longer!



I recently decided that design trades seemed like they would be interesting to do, so here ya go. LOL I'm still working on my other trades and stuff, don't worry. In case anyone doesn't know, it is a trade where each of us designs a character for the other and there may or may not be specifics (i.e. colors, species, gender, etc.).

My Personal Rules~
:bulletred: Don't just half-ass your design and expect to get one of my best designs in return. I will not create your character until you create one for me, and I will then give you a design I deem to be of equal value.
:bulletred: I will specify species and general color scheme, and possibly a gender and personality/background of some sort to help get something I want out of this. LOL You are, of course, allowed to specify whatever you want (well, to a certain degree).
:bulletred: The first rule also applies to lines. When giving me your final design, do not use linearts/bases unless you want me to use linearts/bases. If you draw the character yourself, I will do the same. ;)
:bulletred: You do not have to give me several designs to choose from, but if you do, I will do the same. I'm all about fairness here. LOL
:bulletred: Once you give your design to me, you give all rights to me, and vice versa. Once the trade is done, I am allowed to do whatever I please to your design, and you to mine as well. I will try not to, however, make MAJOR changes that make it look like a completely different character, out of respect for your design. I will expect you to do the same, but I can't stop you if you choose to do so.
:bulletred: Following the above rule, you can trade/donate/breed/give away my design once I give it to you, but you may NOT sell it for any kind of profit, real or fake (including points).

I think that about covers it. LOL Slots are first-come, first-serve, so get 'em while they're (not so) hot! ;)

:bulletgreen:1st Slot~:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Their Design For Me-
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Saluki Design by Emma-Fay
:bulletgreen:Colors-Tricolor Black, Brown, and White
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:My Design For Them
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Design Trade For Emma-Fay by Dragara
:bulletgreen:Species-Feathered, Hornless Dragon
:bulletgreen:Colors-White With Possible Light Accents

:bulletblue:2nd Slot~:bulletblue:
:bulletblue::bulletblue:Their Design For Me
:bulletblue:Species-Eastern Dragon
:bulletblue:Colors-Black/A Dark Color With White And A Brighter Color Of Choice
:bulletblue::bulletblue:My Design For Them
:bulletblue:Colors-Neon Colors Of My Own Choice

:bulletwhite:3rd Slot~:bulletwhite:
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:Their Design For Me
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Design Trade for Dragara by DarkroomAlchemist
:bulletwhite:Species-Peryton (Bird Parts Are A Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia)
:bulletwhite:Colors-Golds Or Grays
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite:My Design For Them
:bulletwhite:Species-Dryad or Naiad (Dryad's Tree Is Either Sweetgum Or Slippery Elm)
:bulletwhite:Colors-Colors That Coordinate With Associated Tree/Water Source


So I've finally managed to judge my challenge. ^^; This was a fail, so I don't think I'll be doing anything like this again soon, but anyway, here are the winners~~~>


1st place goes to :iconwarrioratheart: with :thumb175646207:! She wins three pictures of OCs with her choices being chibi bodies, chibi headshots, or normal headshots.
:bulletred: Warrioratheart Prize 1: Silver by Dragara
:bulletred: She wants me to surprise her since she can't think of what she wants. XD

2nd place goes to :iconhibouette: with :thumb177410359:! She wins two pictures with the same options as above.
:bulletred: Leafpool234 Prize 1: Mewheart by Dragara
:bulletred: 2nd Prize~ Chibi Body of Rosie

3rd place goes to :iconnashi-hime: with :thumb173130438:! She wins one picture with the same choices as above.
:bulletred: Prize~ Nashi Being Cute (Chibi Body?)

And I'd feel bad about leaving :iconoscer: (:thumb172081498:) as the only one without a prize, so she wins a chibi headshot of an OC.
:bulletred: Prize~ Chibi Headshot of Alex Mercer

Please tell me your choices ASAP. <3


I got more than five people interested, so I increased to ten slots, but those all got filled except for two pending slots. I'll let you guys know if they reopen!

So I'm in a bit of an art block I guess and I need something to draw, so I'm opening up five trade slots, but the number may change.

I'm going to accept any number of characters (within reason) in the pic, but just remember that you have to do the same number. If you ask for three characters, you have to draw three for me as well. Also, no yaoi, yuri, hentai, vehicles, mechas, or excessively complicated buildings. They'll all be inked and you get to choose between painting-esque shading, cel-style shading, and flat color. Background can be full, simple, or transparent. Please specify these things or I'll do what I want. ;P

Remember that I'll be working hard on my half, so I expect you to do the same. If I end up getting a picture that looks like two minutes were spent on it, I will keep requesting pictures from you until I get one I like. :P

They're first-come, first-serve, so hurry and get 'em while they're hot! XD

1. :iconfurystarr:~DONE! Trade: Connected Buddy Icons by Dragara
2. :iconmorganism135:~DONE ! Trade: Your Last Warning by Dragara
3. :iconsamateus-1987:~Her Shinlai, Methuselah
4. :icondrake09:~DONE! Trade: Uber Hacker by Dragara
5. :iconwarrioratheart:~Spottedpath, Eagleyes, Russetfur, Dawnstorm, Bluefire and Stormtail in a snowy forest/a rock ledge with Northern Lights
6. :iconlady-gray-wolf:~Sadei
7. :iconsnappy-k:~DONE! Trade: Hippity-Hop by Dragara
8. :icondarketh90:~A remake of her ID
9. :iconbeckels89:~DONE! Trade: Sit Pretty, Kitty by Dragara
10. :iconeeeviee:~Her character, Makori, running through snow

My Sisters! :dummy:


Art Status!

Currently Out of Muse :'c


  • Listening to: My Techno Playlist on iTunes
  • Reading: World War Z
  • Watching: Teen Titans Go!
  • Playing: The Sims 3
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Kool-Aid Flavored Water


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

I'm just a girl who loves to draw. I hope to have a job involving art someday. I love fantasy and cartoons (both anime and western cartoons). My favorite characters happen to be odd. X3

I named myself after my OC, and support an OCxCannon pairing with her. Deal with it.

Yes, I realize that my page takes forever to load. Blame that on my love of stamps. XD





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