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Andrew The Otter


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Andrew The Otter


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Swing Life away


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PKMC Event: Steampunk Willie

PKMN Crossing

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Minecraft Run


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Minecraft Skin: Mr. Snippy

Minecraft skins

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NFSgroup contest 2011 Basking


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Dragons Winter ch.6-f

 Andrew woke up in a cold sweat. He looked up at the moons position. It was about morning, he could see the first sliver of light on the horizon. Everything was silent around them; the attackers were getting closer.      He walked to the tent and lifted the flap a little bit; Quilava and the two dragons were sleeping peacefully. The little fire type was giving off a comfortable heat which wafted out of the flap made Andrew almost want to go back to sleep in the tent with them, but he had to wake them all up.      "It's morning, time to move. You need to be bright eyed and fluffy feathered in two minutes," Quilava yawned and stretched the

dragons winter

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dragons spring ch.24

The week passed quite quickly, and Andrew was almost sad to leave Kanto. A few days earlier, he had talked to the men of his original army, telling them that they would have to stay here in the city, or go live some where else, some of them protested, and wanted to come, but Andrew persuaded all of them to stay here or live in the forest, or some where else. He was leaving the city, with Latios, Latias, and Luni. Umbreon had been killed in the battle, and Luni had refused to eat, or talk for two days, but snapped out of it when she was told they were leaving. [ King Aimone, Arye, Semon, and most of the citizens and soldiers of the city wav

dragons spring

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Dragons Summer ch.12 Rebirth

About an hour later, Andrew, Latios, Latias, Nick, Jack and Althalos were standing in the throne room before Lady Doris. "Thank you very much for your hospitality, the ball was fantastic. We really must be going now though," Andrew said. "Really? You could stay with us for a while longer," the lady replied. "I'm afraid not, this war is starting to make me nervous. I am Kyogre, I am the king of the seas and Hoenn is my home country. If I am to help protect our people and country, then this is about as far from the ocean as I could possibly be. I traveled here mostly to deliver your nephews and to get to the Lilycove trade settlement. I hav

dragons summer

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Desolate ch.5

GDC: We have reached the 400 meter point, sir. Over. Capitan: Radio the Pristine survivors. Over. GDC: Yes, Sir. Over and out. - - - - - - - - - - - More static came up over the radio as the Marine went through the frequencies again and again. Finally, the voice of the communications officer broke through. "Are you still there?" he asked. "Yes, sir. I thought we wouldn't be able to connect again." The marine replied. "We are at the 400 meter mark. We will be there momentarily. What kind of ship are you on exactly? You said the Pristine blew to bits, so I'm confused." "We are on a… umm… Riska?" The Russian man picked up the


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Latios Minecraft body

latios and latias

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Swing Life away

misc. pokemon

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Scephlosizard fusion

F.U.S.E. corp

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Look at what I adopted!

Requests gifts commissions

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Street Rod


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NFSgroup contest 2011 Basking

Hot Pursuit

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PKMC:  Cactus kisses


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And then there were three~


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Above and Beyond pg7

Above and Beyond

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It's a bird!

Sketches and things to be completed

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Chase Pokemon Zaphary


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