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Kyuubi Cosplay 2

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This is my Kyuubi Cosplay for Anime Boston 2010!

I made everything you see here EXCEPT the head which was made by the insanely gifted monoyasha! :iconmonoyasha: It included a fan in the muzzle along with a movable jaw and interchangeable eyes!

The body has digitigrade leg padding built right into it accompanied by 5 straight and 4 curled tails which have a great bounce to them! He has big stompy feet and the claws were done with Premo Sculpey.

I know he will be a HUGE HIT!
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DragonsREpicHobbyist Traditional Artist
and I thought 2 was to much
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TicklesandhugglesHobbyist Artist
Where did u get the orange fur and wat was it called?
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I'm pretty sure it was from Imstuffedfurs.com and it was some sort of fantasy fox fur. It was several years ago so I seriously doubt it is still available. I have tried to find more for a long time for add ones with no luck.
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Winged--Maned--WolfHobbyist General Artist
Nice Cosplay
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midnightclashtigerProfessional Traditional Artist
This is so awesome OwO
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I have a question, how did you work the whole tail situation out?
I'm going to be working on a Ninetails costume and I'm a bit curious as to how I'm supposed to work on getting 9 tails to stay together and keep their weight from pulling things down and whatnot
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I have them all sewn to a thick nylon belt. It straps around my lower chest area and is not attached to the suit in any way so I don't have any issues with sagging really.
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That makes sense now
Thank you :3
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hey how are yu makeing this please tell me !!!
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I told you in the other comments you left, I honestly just used online tutorials ^_^ I swear! I also did not make the head. A professional artist did.
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emo-kat14Student Writer
where did u get that cosplay at
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I made most of it myself ^_^
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emo-kat14Student Writer
omg ive aways wonted one sooo bady if u ever sale them look me up ok!
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GlassNinjaHobbyist General Artist
Holy crap dude! That's pretty much all I can say! I did a Kyuubi too but more humanized version, and I know my tails weighed quite a bit, about 5 pounds and a bit and after hauling them around all day, I can honestly say I have never been so happy to take them off. I look at yours and say, Yikes! Those things look heavy! How much did they weigh in the end?
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LOL! The tails weigh almost 30 pounds ^_^ They strap around my ribcage so it's actually pretty comfortable, but I certainly feel the weight dragging down on me after a while. Like that walking in beach sand feeling. It feels SO good to take them off!!! HAHAHA! I hear you there!!!
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GlassNinjaHobbyist General Artist
Yikes! and all that wieght with a full body fur suit?! You are obviously a far braver and much more harder person than I am. My Tails to you!
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LOL! Thanks I think ^_^ hahaha!
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Thanks so much!!! For doing the body myself it came out pretty good. I was lucky the long fur is very forgiving for screw ups I made in the process.

As for the tails, they were all sewn and individually and stuffed before they were put together. I did 5 straight and 4 curled. The curled tails had a very exaggerated arch sewn into the base of them so they would "poof" out. (I have since revised the tails and now the center one is large and curved as well so it doesn't poke out anymore like in the photo) I put the 5 straight tails in a fan like pattern with the largest in the center and sewed them all together with very strong thread. (I used almost half the spool just doing this because I didn't want them to fall apart assuming people would probably pull them at a convention) Then I placed the 4 curled tails in between each of the 5 straight ones and sewed those on as well in the same fashion.

I got a really heavy duty nylon tool belt from Home Depot with the think plastic pinch clasp (since they are heavy as hell I know an adjustable would just loosen eventually) and then I coated that whole thing with matching fur as well. Both so if it starts to sag, you just see fur and not a black nylon strap, and secondly because I didn't want the nylon to start digging into my stomach because I also opted to for go the shoulder straps like a dummy)

I will say though, even without the shoulder straps for support, the tails do not bother me in the least to wear. I figured after a while I'd start getting a stomach ache or something, but so far so good. I wore him for about 6 hours straight once and I was all good. Although it did feel REALLY GOOD to sit! They are probably about 25 - 30 ish pounds. I stuffed the straight tails light, but I really stuffed the curved ones good so they would maintain their shape even when after rolling around on the ground and being silly. Overall, it worked really well for me. There is no wire in them what so ever and they always bounce right back to shape and also stay in the position I like them in so you can see all nine of them.
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That body suit is phenomenal and The head that monoyasha did is my favorite rendition of the Kyuubi! :3

I've got a question about the tails. I'm making a cosplay that requires 9 tails (not the Naruto Kyuubi but Kyuubimon from Digimon x3). How'd you compile them all? ^^; I've been trying to figure out how to do that but can't quite figure it out.
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Thanks! I'll be there again this year as well! Hopefully with a Nibi as well!
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boboborocksStudent General Artist
I saw you at Anime Boston :D This costume is so awesome, great job :clap:
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Yuki-MoonStudent General Artist
just currious, are you using a harness to hold all the tails on? a belt looks like it could be mighty painful with that weigh (from a friends past expirience >.<) just wanted to know cause I'm making one of these (but quad) for an up-coming convention and dont really want to permanently damage myself ^_^;
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LOL! Believe it or not, YES! I did use a sort of belt. It's actually one of those really heavy duty nylon belts with a plastic squeeze clasp that is adjustable. Sort of liek the kind on a messenger bag. I coated the whole thing with a layer of fur to make it softer so I don't get all torn up though. To be honest, I don't even notice the weight until I take it off. Then it's like "WOW! That's a relief!"

I did make a harness style at first, but I didn't want to leave a huge hole to pull it through so I stuck with the belt. What I got to work best though, was those back supports with the shoulder straps they sell at Home Depot for something big like this. That's for comfort factor though. Like I said, you need a good size hole to pull it through and I delt with being a little more unconfortable to make the costume look better.
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Yuki-MoonStudent General Artist
I'm now in awe, they do say no-pain no-gain :3 I think I'll try your back-support method because I have a repetative strain injury in my whole right arm =____= I am best to be safe on that T^T a quads probs not the best idea for that too XD

thanks for the help :3 oh and happy new year :D
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