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Hello everyone,

at least some of you must have noticed it's getting impossible to have submissions accepted into the group.
In general I feel submissions should be closed, maybe even for good.

I don't have time.
It's not just a matter of pressing a button, each submission featuring characters that were not yet accepted in the group needs special veryfying if the characters don't have a porn image featuring one(or both) of the suggested couple with some other character (as this would argue with the group's theme). It usually takes at least an hour to find the 1 disqualifying pic and to end up with rejecting the 'couple' from the group - and in fact having all this time wasted because the submitter was either not honest (if at least 1 of the characters was theirs) or unaware and didn't take time to check for themselves before submitting. And I've been checking only FA, what if there is a something on some other website? and what if a disqualifying pic appears AFTER the couple is accepted in the group? I can't possibly be re-veryfying every pair just in case... and I've NEVER heard any reports.
To be honest I'd need at least a dozen of people doing this to make this system work, and there is just one of me... And I don't have enough time to do much more important stuff than this.

Problem of 'joining a group just to spread art' and not giving a damn what the group is about.
In general, seeing how some other groups work too, I've noticed the phenomenon of not actually supporting the group but joining it just to spread one's art. Which is exactly the worst reason to join Draffection.
Draffection is a kind of ideology group, it was created to gather people who agree and support the idea of strict monogamy (1 sexual partner in entire life) and true Love within it, Dragons are just a symbol of a perfect union (level of unity impossible without magic). And that's why there are such gallery restrictions. But I'm starting to feel not all members agree with the basics of this group...

I believe that those of you who do support Draffection will stay here anyway, to simply kind of self-identify ("I'm in Draffection"/"I wish to be in Draffection"/"I support Draffection"/"I admire couples who are in Draffection"), and that those who joined regardless the group's ideals just to spread any dragon romance art would leave for some dragon art feature group.
I'd honestly prefer such a group to stay small but having all members really into the ideals it represents than grow extra large but as a general 'dragon romance art feature grup' - there are plenty of such around.

So if you're into "strict monogamous + in Love"(ofc mind you the group's full description, you know, your real past is in the past), I hope you'll stay.

If some of you want to become moderators and do all the hours-long nitpicky work of veryfying each new couple suggested (on FA and preferably some other sites allowing porn with dragons like e.g. e621 or herpy), and I mean it, it must be done honestly and in depth!, submissions may be able to re-open.
I'm leading a tiny register of verified couples too, there could also be a register of already rejected characters to make things easer in the future and for other moderators. Sadly I've noted down just a few rejected characters.
But to be honest I don't think anyone would like to.
Don't think of applying if you're not ready for the sacrifice and hours of hard work nobody will pay you for.

Also if, by any chance, there is anyone who joned Draffection for Anna and Tom (founders' shapeshifting selves) or who simply would like to follow them, you should check Draffectionates ^^;
Draffectionates is an art collective grup dedicated just to our alter-egos and their Draffective relationship.
Official forms of Anna and Tom-SIZE CHART by VixenDra

I think that's enough.
More Journal Entries

Draffection - what does it mean?

Is not about Dragons only!

(following info MAY be used for article about "Draffection" without changes as well as with some - the author)
Draffection is a kind of affection between Dragons which source is in VixenDra's Draffectill story. According to this story, love between Dragons is a bond between their souls, minds and bodies. Love between Dragons is eternal so none of the partners can change their partner in the whole life, even death of one of them isn't an end for their connection. Their marriage is inextricable(so they can never "get divorced"); to encapsulate it, Dragons connect themselves with each other in 3 levels: souls, minds and bodies concurrently, and it's called Coalescence. After the Coalescence it's impossible to two-time the spouse in any way. The first mate of each Dragon stays their only one forever.
The rule of priority applies: first partner=the only partner in their lives, no exeptions.

Spouses that are in Draffection are called Draffectionates.
About interspecies: If one from the couple is a Dragon, the Coalescence ensues. But Dragon can choose only a creature which is able to think in an abstract way and feel love(so, the creature with soul).
But Dragons are a symbol only.

For people in the real life, Draffection is an ideal which they can try to reach. Of course anybody can't reach the 100% of Draffection, but they can get closer to it. If the couple wants to follow the way of Draffection and try to do it, they are the happiest pair in the world and their love is true, faithful and strong.
How is it possible to get closer to all of 3 aspects of Coalescence in the real life(for couples)? It's hard to explain it adequately(and some things are common for all 3 levels)... but in general:
Mind connection - You still can talk about everything. Don't have secrets! Don't also be ashamed of your fantasies, desires... and try to be understanding of theirs. Maybe you both would like to try some untypical(?) caresses? Or maybe you're different in some things and you need to find a kind of compromise? If you don't try, you don't know.
Soul connection - Display all of your emotions and feelings. Don't hide them inside of you! You can tell about them, and/or you can also learn each other's system of signs(or prepare one, which you both'll understand; they may contain behaviours, gesture, sounds,...), to know how to interpret some of the messages your beloved sends to you without using words. Isn't it something nice, if your belowed e.g. growls to call you and to say "come to me, please, let's have some pleasure together" instead of using so many words?
Body connection - Seems to be the most obvious... the only thing I can add is: If you don't like some kind of touch, don't pretend you does and vice-versa. And better realise, that once you had intercourse with this person, there is no coming back: you can't countermand the fact you were both connected. I would reccomend you to treat the intercourse as sth that bonds forever, sth stronger than the formal marriage is... It's so beautiful to be trurly one in twosome, instead of being 'splited' into many bodies... Ask yourself some questions: "If it depended on me only, would I spent the rest of my life with this one person? Am I shure I want to belong to him/her, to be a part of him/her?" If you have doubts, remind yourself, that you'll never change the fact you had intercourse with this person, it will be with you for a lifetime, even if you won't think about it.
Do you want to have a Coalescence and live following the assupmtions of Draffection? If your answer is "yes", you're on a good way to live your life Draffectionately, the onther thing is to find the Draffectionate, whose answer for this question is "yes" as well and not to give up until he or she is found. But keep in mind you both must be virgins when you start your relationship in order to have a Coalescence(not just sex) and to be called Draffectionates(not just lovers)! Strict monogamy is the essence of Draffection.

All in all - the most important things are: to talk with each other and to don't hide anything you think and feel. - You still have your language(spoken one, body one... really!)! Try to know your partner's body, reactions, signs,... Don't be a 'bedtester' in love... - Don't start a(n erotic) relationship if you know you'll seek for another partner... Treat your partner like it was the only one till death separates you and even longer(Of course "sh*t happens", and you could make a serious mistake, was deluded, abused,... life may be brutal. But doesn't must so! Better believe love exists than give up and never experience it!) and don't make hasty decisions about getting closer - your genital parts are the worst leaders to follow, desire comes AFTER Love and thanks to it - not vice-versa. BUT remember: if you failed and your first is not your last, then none of you may call yourself a Draffectionate in further relationship with another person!

In very generall you can say: Draffection is a very deep friendship, enriched with erotical side; and they both must coexist in faithfulness and respect Draffection is possible among couples only and can happen once for a lifetime.
Is 100% monogamous in the stictest definition of it(one for a lifetime, not just at the moment).

That's true, you need a lot of effort(and luck - it's not that easy for two Dragons to find each other) to reach the ideal of Coalescence as close as possible... But it's worthy of it!


Some language:
Draffection's derivatives form very similarly to those of the word 'affection':
Draffection(n, sg) has NO plural: Draffections
'Draffectionate'(n, sg) - person who is in Draffection(cannot be used if you're not the very first for each other!); plural: Draffectionates
'to Draffection'(v) / "to Draffect'(v)

NOTE: Term as well as its derivatives may be used for two eternal lovers who are extremally faithful to each other ONLY. Both of the couple must be the first to each other, otherwise they cannot use the term Draffection, but all they can say is that they just finally found the right path to turn into. Or the meaning is false.






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StrainiiDraculs Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is the gallery is forever closed ?
VixenDra Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, forever.
And I just recently found one of the long featured couples smashed the rules too.(ofc the couple had to be removed from the gallery)
 It's just pointless and depressing... so few submissions were actually Draffection themed... majority was being thrown in here as if to a trash bag for just any random dragon mingle stuff... which only kills the whole purpose of the ideal this group was meant to be all about...
StrainiiDraculs Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's sad ! Then, did you have making an other group like that ?
VixenDra Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah, only for Tom and me exclusively :icondraffectionates: (1st to claim the name so noone uses it(we use it on FA after all and it's sticked to us already), 2nd to collect all art with us somewhere on DA, and as a side effect it's like a kind of fanclub for our representative characters probably?), and I was passed a formelly existing group :iconmaking-true-love: that I got only if I promise to keep it as it was. Just thing is it's originally human-oriented and noone ever joined it to see fantasy and anthro creatures. Just check it to see if the message and rules suit your beleifs and needs.
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