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Aryena (the Dragoness) and Billie (the "human") - their Love is the source of the Draffectill term and the foundation of this anti-racist group:)

Racism of any level is NOT welcome here!
Yes, more of Aryena & Billie to come! :)
I Can Show You the World
'The meaning of the kiss'
By Your Side
When the shame is gone
Draffectill - I Will Guide You - framed
Binding of Souls
DRAFFECTILL: Coalescence - in 5 languages +
Draffectill - Innocent Dreams
Only You Can Set My Heart on Fire
Rockin' with Aryena
Happy project's 15 years anniversary year!

In 2020 I made 73 unique Draffectill images, 66 being Patrons-only ($1 tier!) doodles and yet unfinished WIPs, including ref sheets:)

All of my Patrons also have an opportunity to see all of these +older sorted in a possible chronologicall order, which starts to form a Love story at this point (since I prioritised their relationship scenes over the rest)<3
Draffectill in chronology - prev with public works
[this preview features just the public works for obvious reasons^^]
And 10USD(and+) tier Patrons can make their own doodle suggestions!
Patreon teaser
Since the days I lost my job, I've been working on improving and expanding the story and lore as well (privately for now)!
The next Draffectill work's sub-topic I'm bringing to you has been chosen by my Patrons via poll voting^^ It will take a while to make but stay tuned^^
(Due to said illustration's nature, Deviantart will only receive just a small crop of it though, so consider watching my FA (Draffectionates) not to miss the original versions:))
Sweet Delights Wip Preview
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Group Info

©Draffectill means: Billie in love with a Dragoness(DRAgon+AFFECTIon+bILLie).
The group is also a general place for dragonXhuman love, friendship and other positive relations:)
The general story idea was born at the beginning of 2006 but the pairing officially surfaced to the public in 2010 under the acronym "Draffectill".
(the story is WIP)
"What is essential is invisible to the eye"
The first time I thought about human X dragon pairing happened much earlier - when I was a child: I got a dragon figurine suvenir on a trip and I joked aloud that it's my boyfriend, imagining him to have a sapient mind...

Dragons: written with "D" instead of "d" stand for the kind of sapient, spiritual dragons I created, aka. Dracoire.
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Jul 2, 2010


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To that Place where the Sun Sleeps by JBergen1910
Future's What We're Fighting for - PATREON teaser by VixenDra
Nice Catch! by fayeskies
Commission : Jurassic Confidant 1 by Sa-Dui
Draffectill - story parts and info
Draffectill - how things work under the surface by VixenDra

Mature Content

DRAFFECTILL: Coalescence - in 5 languages + by VixenDra
DRAFFECTILL: The 1st true kiss - in 3 languages by VixenDra
Draffectill - Aryena and Billie

Mature Content

'Connection of Souls' for VixenDra by FoXyINKZ
Future's What We're Fighting for - PATREON teaser by VixenDra
A Small Kiss by FoXyINKZ

Mature Content

Billie and Aryena BY Red-Izak by V-Dra
Draffectill - other story related contents
Sweet Aryena by VixenDra
Arill by VixenDra
Billie/Wilhelm (profile view) by VixenDra
Prize Whc: 1 place by Delew
Other human-dragon duos
The Strawberry Dress by TheKohakuDragon
Appreciate a Dragon by TheKohakuDragon
Night Party by Alita-Berserker
Licks are precious. by Alita-Berserker
humanXdragon hybrid offspring
Arill by VixenDra
Mina and Gear by mirroreyesserval
Flying Gear by mirroreyesserval
Rysa by Koshkio
humanXdragon parents with their kids or adoptants
Another tender hug by Alita-Berserker
Happy Dragon Momma by Alita-Berserker
PKMN fbjgjse by kitsune-roka
Your sister... final by kitsune-roka
Groups of friends and companions
Mother Of Dragons by Zarory
[WoC] The Hunt is On! by Memuii
Mamie Dragon by sandara
Sovereign by ArvL
Supporting stamps
Humans and other species by Seriiko
Interspecies Stamp by RaptorArts
Literature - CLOSED due to lack of time


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Dragoness (Aryena) in Love with a human (Billie)

(Suport progress on Patreon:
"Like it" on facebook: )

Human and dragon in affection
I Can Show You the World by VixenDra

This group supports all kinds of friendly relationships between a dragon and a human:)
- the Love between Aryena and Bille the most, but not only!

The group is NOT suitable for racist-wired minds.

Feel free to join especially if you like the general concept of dragon-human peaceful coexistence or the group's representative couple.
All join requests are welcome:)
You may also invite your friend here if they like human-dragon imagery:)

:heart:Please, don't freak out: the original Draffectill is not a kind of zoophilia, because Dragons* of Aryena's kind are of supreme sapience of mind. In Draffectil's universe, it's Dragons who are superior to humans, not vice-versa.
Dragons* - written with capital "D" instead of lower case "d" are the kind of dragons I created, Dracoire:
They have got a soul, and they are conscious of it.
They are eternal - can't die of age. The only way to make a Dragon dead, is by killing them.
They pair for life in strict monogamy. No exceptions. They never confuse feelings for bonds.

Draffectill - how things work under the surface by VixenDra
It's highly improper and racist to call it 'beastiality' especially if you're reffering to the original Draffectill and/or other dragons of any level of sapience. "What is essential is invisible to the eye"!

©Draffectill is a kind of a tollerance and open-mindedness lesson.
"Love is love no matter the gender or species the person you love is!".
Racism of any level is a sign of ignorance and immaturity. "I know we're different but, deep inside us, we're not that different at all!"

The Love of Aryena & Billie is the source of the Draffectill term.
:icondraffection: - the original Draffectill is related to Draffection (concept of bond[=Love] between Dragons created especially for Draffectill novel).


If you want to make a fanart of the original ©Draffectill (Aryena&Billie), here you can find reference files:
Binding of Souls by VixenDra
Billie is usually almost as high as she in her withers.
Dos and Donts HERE
Provide a full credit in your work's description.

Thank you.

Aha, dear members, please don't remove this group from your deviant watch: if you don't want to see deviations added to the group, please change your watching settigns to just journals - Maybe I'll have to contact you all someday, so you should watch group's News&Journals:aww:.


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