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Journal is currently under construction, so please refer to the reference sheet for the time being.

(Dradeerin species traits:
Dark Dradeerin:

TOS (Terms Of Service)

:bulletred: Dradeerin are a closed species, meaning you do not have permission to create your own.
You must buy one or win one in a MYO (Make Your Own) contest in order to obtain one.
(You can also make one if the species owners gave you permission ahead of time).
:bulletred: Once obtaining a Dradeerin, no major changes can be done to the design.
:bulletred: Dradeerin can be traded and sold. However, you are not allowed to sell them for more than what you paid for the adoptable.
:bulletred: You cannot put accessories on this species, the Queens must bless your Dradeerin with them.
You can obtain or be allowed to make one if we notice you contributing in the group (through artwork, entries in contests, ect.)
(You can also get accessories through high autobuy's, if the species owners gave you permission, or through adoptables.)
:bulletred: Dradeerin are not a breedable species.

Dradeerin Specifics

:bulletblue: Dradeerin do not come with accessories (some higher type Dradeerin do).
:bulletblue: You cannot alter the markings on their bodies.
:bulletblue: You can alter the hairstyle to better suit the character if you wish. c:
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Submitted on
May 21, 2015