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FP sketch 02 coloured

This is a coloured version of one of the sketches I made, the original can be found here:[link]

I used this to try out/ experiment with a diffrent colouring style, more like what I did in the beginning :XD:....

I have mixed feelings about this :nod: so please tell me what you think of this, should I use this style more often or not?
Dont mind the crappy title:lmao:

Well I hope you all like it! :blowkiss:
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Thee coloring and pose came out great I like her hair.
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Aw thank you so much! :glomp:
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you are so welcome!
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Lovely layout and vivid colors, the pose is awesome to.
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Aw thank you very much! :dummy:
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woooow congrats yoko, very beautyfull!!!
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This is lloking really good. I love the cell shading. It looks especially nice on her clothes. That's my favorite part. :)
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Oh I am glad to hear that, thank you very much!! :hug:
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I LIKE IT!!! lol
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Thank you very much!!
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I really like this, the colours go well together ^^
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Ik vind 'm mooi =3
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No wonder the drawing looked familliar... For the colouring, it's great aside from the hair and the fans (both weird), but you can keep colouring like this for the rest :D
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Haha :giggle:
Thanks!, oh, weird in what way, perhaps I can make it look better
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No problem ;)

Let's see... for the hair I'd say make less light/shadows or bigger, especialy for the top of the head. And try to get the good direction for the strands. For the fans, I think there's already a problem with the drawing. Try to see how a real fan is and do the shadows acording to it.
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Oh okay,I will take a look at that, i'm still not so good with light directions >.<
Oh I see, haha well i'll leave the fans for what they are then, I will use a refrence next time :nod:
Thank you for telling!
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oooh! Those fans! Iwould like to get fan but here don't have any! Stupid country >8(
She have nice hair style and dress is beautiful :heart:
Dracuria's avatar
Oh really? O.o well we have some stores who sell them, not many, you should look for asian-like stores, or stores who sell stuff from over the world :dummy:
Thank you!, I am glad you like it! :hug:
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