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I shall not...

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The thing I hated most about school was writing something on the blackboard...I'm not sure why, I just didn't like it at all.

This is another little photo for my word game ([link]) The word for this one was school...and I knew that ~DarkKnightJRK (who gave me that word) wanted to see something bloody, so here it is :)
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First I wanna thank whoever suggested and featured this artwork for getting me to know it, as I did from the Daily Deviations set below. out of all the other Daily Deviation which I mostly found nothing special, this one shocked me, I'm a person who had some sort of hatred towards school and education because it was as it's worst in the Middle East (and still) it's not about cruelty but about the pointless system and plans they put. this image tells ALOT about that, Art is subjective and a single artwork can give many meanings according to what angle a person might see it from, and that's how I see it.

I love the focus on the I SHALL NOT, to Me it's more like rejecting to go on with the same failed system of education, or maybe it can give a different meaning about life, like someone is teaching himself, his children or a group of people or him being an idol or an example to others for rejecting any type of suffering which is portrayed by the bloodstained hand prints which I believe the image would never have been as good without it, I find it the subject of it (despite being defocused). so It's a striking idea and message regardless of how generally or personally you try to translate / decipher it.

The entire idea, presentation is very shocking and it had a big impact on me, honestly, it brought tears to my eyes ...

The only disadvantage is one little thing, which is the watermark (text) it would've been much better if the image was framed with a plane black or white frame with 'small' text written on the frame or as a hand signature either on the frame or the image itself.

Great Job, and Keep up the perfect work.
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may i use this as a web cam ?
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as long as the watermark is visible, sure thing :)
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daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn this is so beautiful! :D
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The January 2011 Spooky Daily Deviation Round Up is out, you can find your work featured right here!
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hi, featuring this amazing work in my journal...

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thank you so much! :hug:
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I love it, t what is the blood made of? :3
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thanks :aww: the blood is made of red, blue and a little bit green food colouring...and to make it a bit more sticky I added some guar flour :)
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wow this is just... wow! definitely struck me in all the right places. Its nice to come across a deviation that actually catches and holds unto my attention. Fantastic.
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aww, thanks a lot! :aww:
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*hopes that not too many others have made this crappy joke*
"Bart Simpson: The University Years."

I <3 this, in a very morbid and spooky way :D
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nobody made that joke till now...which means you're the first...which makes you totally awesome because I love the Simpsons! :la:
thanks a lot :D
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...are you serious?? Nobody made the joke?? *feels a lot better*
Yes, the Simpsons are epic, though I have to say... I haven't seen much of them lately since Coronation Street came back on and Mum started hogging the TV to watch and re-watch for possible hints on who murdered that random/stole that guy's girlfriend/whatever else has been horribly mutilated by overuse on that darned show.

Which sounds horribly sad, really, but it's true. :shrug:

You're welcome... thanks for sayin' that I'm awesome, I now have a witness!! :XD:
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This is amazing........ <3
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I definitely like whiteboards better, that's for sure XD markers tend to squeak less and you don't have to dust the erasers!!
I love the photo :nod:
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